Antioxidants for Anti Aging ~ What Works, How to Choose

**Antioxidants for Anti Aging ~ What Works, How to Choose**



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hey everybody its Angie and welcome to hot and flashy today's video is going to be the fourth installment in my anti-aging skincare ingredients series so today is going to be all about antioxidants what works and how to choose the right products to work into your skincare routine to help you fight off the signs of premature aging or mature aging as the case may be I've already done videos on the retinoids the sunscreens and the alpha hydroxy acid so if you want to take a look at any of those I'll put the playlist to this series right up here so the first thing I like to always say is that I'm not a doctor I'm not a chemist I am a person like yourself a consumer it's so confusing and it's so hard to choose so five years ago when I turned 50 I did a deep dive into really researching what could work looking at studies looking at what dermatologists recommend and I came up with a handful of ingredients that actually work that have been proven to work with science and I have used them in my skincare routine and the results have been fairly amazing I wasn't actually expecting that much when I started this because I didn't really think the topicals worked but I have found out that they really do now what are antioxidants and why would you want to use them in your skincare antioxidants are a group of naturally and synthetically occurring molecules that neutralize free radicals by donating an electron free radicals are produced in the skin from exposure to everyday things like sunshine UVA exposure pollution tobacco smoke and lots of other things free radicals are destructive molecules that damage the DNA the collagen and the elastin in our skin but as we get older our bodies produce fewer and fewer antioxidants and so at that point the free radicals kind of gain a toehold and they're doing more damage than the antioxidants it naturally occurring can keep up with and that's why it's really helpful as you get older and really helps you skin to supplement your antioxidants through diet and topical treatments but antioxidants are just a one-trick pony they do so much more for your skin than fight free radicals along that's a really good one they can also calm and soothe the skin and they can have a brightening effect and reduce age spots and discolorations and they can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles so with all that going for them why wouldn't you want to use antioxidants in your anti-aging skincare routine well I know I would and I do I have a lot of favorite products that I'm going to show you a little bit later in the video but for right now let's switch over to talking about which antioxidants actually work there is vitamin C for rule ik acid vitamin E niacinamide coenzyme q10 green tea resveratrol grapeseed extract lycopene alpha lipoic acid flora 10 lutein selenium glutathione quartz 18 so all of these antioxidants will be able to neutralize those free radicals in the skin but there are some that stand out for what else they can do and for me the number one antioxidant is vitamin C it's the only antioxidant that is a precursor to collagen production and can actually reverse sun damage by increasing collagen production within the skin vitamin C is the most plentiful antioxidant in human skin but unfortunately drinking orange juice doesn't really make that much more vitamin C bioavailable inside the skin so this is a case where it's best to put it on topically from the outside so that it gets into the skin where it needs to be thoroughly acid is a potent antioxidant of plant origin that fights three types of free radicals and can prevent future damage by neutralizing them vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that's present in the skin and found in various foods like vegetables seeds and meat it helps the skin look younger by reducing the appearance of fine lines wrinkles and age spots skin to rise more of its benefits from vitamin E better through topical treatments than through oral supplements niacinamide is vitamin b3 it's a powerful antioxidant that's anti-inflammatory anti redness and reduces brown spots it has also been shown to improve the texture and tone of the skin reduce the look of pores as well as reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation coenzyme q10 neutralizes free radicals particularly those generated by UVA exposure it also regenerates vitamin E and it helps to preserve the collagen content in the skin as well as providing energy for the cells green tea contains polyphenols that are powerful antioxidants which can be ingested or applied topically studies have shown that green tea can repair sun damage it has a calming effect that can reduce redness and irritation resveratrol is kind of an up-and-coming antioxidant it is commonly found in grapes nuts fruits and red wine studies have shown that resveratrol works particularly well against UVB radiation UVB damage and oxidative stress grapeseed extract is another antioxidant with strong free radical scavenging activities it's possibly stronger scavenger of free radicals than vitamin C and vitamin E vitamin C is considered the gold standard of the antioxidants and there are lots and lots of different vitamin C ingredients but of those ingredients there's only one that has the most amount of study the most proof that it works in actual human skin and that is l-ascorbic acid what the research has shown is that l-ascorbic acid is the most bioavailable the most active and the most effective form of vitamin C because it's already in its usable form so it doesn't need to be converted by your skin for it to be used human study shows that l-ascorbic acid penetrates easily it protects from UV damage it increases collagen synthesis and it reduces pigmentation unfortunately the l-ascorbic acid version of vitamin C is also the most unstable so you have to be really careful about what type of a formula you buy and how it's packaged the other vitamin C's are all vitamin C esters these are stabilized forms of vitamin C unfortunately for me though none of them have been proven to have all the effectiveness of l-ascorbic acid they have to be converted by at least a one step process in your skin into l-ascorbic acid so that they can then be used data is limited on the esters some of the esters can be converted and some have ex vivo studies which means either skin in a petri dish or in you know lab animals like mice showing that they may increase collagen synthesis or they may protect from UV radiation or they might reduce pigmentation and so some of them show some promise so they're not a waste they could turn out to be good in the future it's just that for me I like to go with the gold standard so since L ascorbic acid is free radical fighting and collagen producing that's what makes it my number one pick but there's further research that shows that the efficacy of vitamin C can be increased by four to eight times by combining it with a couple of other specific antioxidants and those are vitamin E and furu liqu acid so there were studies done that combined 15 percent l-ascorbic acid with one percent vitamin E and a half a percent of freulich acid and it showed that that combo not only stabilized the vitamin C but also increase the potential antioxidant action by eight times there was a lot of study done on stabilizing el ascorbic acid and they were able to stabilize it by putting in a formula at a specific pH range so it works best at a pH below 3.5 that is where it is stabilized at least temporarily so some of you may have heard that it's completely unstable and you should not even bother to use it because there's no evidence that it can get into your skin which isn't really true because there is evidence that it can be stabilized and that at the stable pH of 3.5 or lower that that actually helps it to absorb into the skin better now there are different percentages that you need to look for within a serum so really low percentages aren't going to give you enough in your skin they're not going to absorb enough and the studies have shown that 20% provides the maximum absorption into the skin at a pH of 3.5 or below that is like the sweet spot formulating it so that it will last for like a good three months inside the bottle and then open and using it everyday so brand-new fresh l-ascorbic acid based vitamin C serum should be perfectly clear like water or it can be slightly white and a little bit cloudy once it starts to turn a little bit yellow it has started to oxidize but that doesn't mean it's completely lost all of its efficacy when it's a pale yellow it's lost maybe 20% of its ability but it's still like 80 percent good by the time it turns like a little bit more orange it's only like 20% good and which boy definitely you need to toss it so there's always some waste when buying an L ascorbic acid base serum in my humble opinion the only vitamin C serums that are worth using are the ones that are l ascorbic acid base that also contain vitamin E and fer Olek acid so that rules out a lot of the vitamin C serum that are out there because it is hard to find ones that are formulated correctly at the right pH but the one that I found early on that I tested against a few others that was definitely the best for me because it came in at the best price point had the right mix of ingredients at the right pH was the timeless 20% C plus E Plus purulent acid serum this retails for 2495 for a one ounce bottle and my discount code is always ongoing is hf5 off all lowercase that gives you five dollars off any serum at the timeless website this is a clear serum that is like water it doesn't feel greasy or oily and it's so nice to put on it's just a beautiful serum that absorbs right into your skin this is at a pH of 3 to 3.2 all the timeless products are fragrance free paraben free cruelty free and there l-ascorbic acid vitamin C serum is guaranteed fresh and active for 3 months all the products that I'm showing you will be linked in the information box below the video and a lot of them are in my Amazon shop as well so you can shop over there another vitamin C serum that I like a lot and started using is from Mei love this is the Glo maker antioxidant serum this is $28 for 1 ounce I also have a discount code for mail of it is an g fan and that can be upper or lower case that gets you 10% off plus free shipping on any of their products and they also make a terrific all mineral sunscreen this is a 15% l-ascorbic acid with the vitamin E and the freulich acid this also has grapeseed extract and hyaluronic acid this is at a pH of 3 to 3.2 it's fragrance free paraben free cruelty free and vegan and it comes with a 100 day freshness guarantee this is also a beautiful clear watery like serum that goes on really nicely it's not oily or heavy or greasy and absorbs right into the skin my other serums and everything play well with it and I've really been enjoying using it so that gives you another option the one drawback to this is that it does contain a tiny amount of benzyl alcohol which can be slightly drying to the skin it's not like one of those super drying alcohols but it is like on the cusp there but there's such a tiny amount of it in there I mean its second to last I've never had any drying from it I do still love this one but if you wanted something that was completely alcohol free then the mail of would be the one to go to that those are my top two vitamin C serums then another good brand that makes a really nice l-ascorbic acid base vitamin C serum is Paula's choice this is the resist C 15 super booster this is 15% vitamin C with 1% vitamin E and a half percent of freulich acid Paula's Choice is $49 for 0.67 ounces so you don't get a full ounce in there each of these are one full ounce the Paula's Choice is at a pH of 3.0 it's fragrance and cruelty free this one is old and oxidized I'm going to put it on this hand just to show you if this is in a water base but it does have a little bit of oil in it so it's a little bit of a heavier serum there are a couple other products that I want to touch on briefly because I know people will ask about them the first one is the drunk elephant c firma day serum this retails for $80 for one ounce this is a 15% l-ascorbic acid with 1% vitamin E and 5% freulich acid it's at a pH of between 3.3 and 3.5 this also contains grape juice and Indian gooseberries with our other antioxidants also green tea but what they included in here that really bugs me and I've said this before and other reviews is that they included pumpkin ferment extract which is an ingredient that has a yellow color and I don't understand why you would put something with a yellow color into a vitamin C serum that it's supposed to be clear and the yellow helps you to see when it's oxidized so if it already comes in yellow how can you tell then another brand is the ordinary they make about eight different vitamin C serums this one is their vitamin C suspension 23% this retails for five dollars and 80 cents it is not in a water-based solution so you don't have to worry about what the pH is for stability it's in a silicone base and it doesn't dissolve into the silicone so the suspension basically means that you're rubbing this kind of gritty undissolved vitamin C powder into your skin or you know you can mix it with like a moisturizer or something to add water to it then it will dissolve then once it hits your skin it dissolves and goes in so I use this for a while to test it out it was just too irritating for my skin it gave me kind of a reddish rash and I just I just don't like it the other thing that's a problem with this one for me is that it doesn't contain vitamin E or Froelich acid actually none of the ordinary vitamin C products contain vitamin E or for Ehrlich acid so in my book that lets them all out even though the price points are fantastic and then of course we have to talk about the big daddy of them all which is the skin suit achill ce4 Ehrlich but this guy retails for a hundred and what is it sixty six dollars for an ounce this does contain 15% of L ascorbic acid one percent vitamin E and I have percent of Rula Cassatt at a pH of 3.5 it's also paraben free another antioxidant that I use in my skincare daily is coenzyme q10 the one that I use is the timeless coenzyme q10 serum it also contains some a trixl 3000 hyaluronic acid vitamin E and glycerin and this one retails for the same 2495 as the vitamin C serum from timeless and that is for one I absolutely love this one this one is already yellow but this one is supposed to be yellow so this is like a banana yellow kind of a milky texture but that is from the Co Q 10 so if you buy a coenzyme q-10 product and it is not yellow in color you should be a little bit suspicious because it is a yellow ingredient so it definitely will color serum edits in or the lotion that it's in but that's why I like to have this kind of as a standalone product I don't you know I wouldn't want them to put it in with my vitamin C because then like the drunk elephant it would mask whether it was oxidizing or not so I like this to be a separate thing and contrary to popular belief all of the antioxidants are not super unstable there are only two that are really unstable and those are l ascorbic acid and alpha lipoic acid but at least with l-ascorbic acid it can be stabilized to the point where you can get like three months abuse out of a vitamin C serum the other antioxidants um are extremely stable like niacinamide is shell stable for two years and there are varying degrees in between so it's fine to see them in jar packaging or in a lotion or in a cream because there are varying levels of stability so don't be fooled by the statement that they're also unstable that they're not worth using then another antioxidant that I am really into is niacinamide I get it into my skin care routine both in the morning and in the evening the products that I use for the morning are the CeraVe PM facial moisturizing lotion the PM just means that it doesn't contain sunscreen this retails for $15.99 for 3 ounces so a nice big bottle that'll last a while this also contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid this is a really lightweight lovely lotion I use it just about every single day it's my go-to moisturizer because it has so many great ingredients in it and absorbs right into the skin so nicely and easily then for my evening dose of niacinamide I use the olay regenerist micro-sculpting cream this is $24.99 for one point seven ounces and this also contains peptides and this is a much thicker cream so this is like my night cream so that's a really nice thick cream but that again rubs in really easily and I love it for overnight it makes my skin just feel so soft and like a baby's bottom by the time I wake up in the morning what I like about both of these is that there's a lot of niacinamide in there in the CeraVe it is fourth on the ingredient label and in the Olay I think it's like second or third on the ingredient label which means that there's a lot of it in there another niacinamide product that I have used but I didn't love was the polished choice resist 10% niacinamide booster this retails for $42 for 0.67 ounces the deal with niacinamide is that it's very effective at about a 5% concentration but when you get up to ten it can be irritating and unfortunately my skin is so sensitive that on me this 10% booster was a little bit irritating so I prefer a little bit milder of a niacinamide for formula so that's why I get it in those other things there are no proven negative interactions between antioxidants so you can combine them in any way you like within your skincare I know there was a couple of blog posts going around that said that niacinamide and vitamin C shouldn't be used together because they somehow inactivate each other or create a by-product that was bad for your skin but that has not been proven I've actually seen some competing blog posts who say that it's actually the opposite that they work synergistically with each other so the jury is still out on that but I don't think that there are any restrictions with combining antioxidants with each other or combining antioxidants with other ingredients so they're perfectly safe to use with your retinoids with your alpha hydroxy acids with your moisturizers the only thing to remember is that l-ascorbic acid is an acid and it is most effective and a lowish kind of pH and so acids can be a little irritating to the skin so you just have to keep an eye on your skin and just make sure that you're not getting irritated that you're not getting read that it's not itchy or burning one of my other favorites is resveratrol and a couple of the products that I use that contain resveratrol our this one from the ordinary this is their resveratrol 3% plus bulik acid 3% and this is five dollars and 80 cents this is a really nice resveratrol product this it only has three ingredients for like acid resveratrol and propranolol so this is a clear liquid but it's a little bit oily feeling it's definitely got kind of an oily slip to it so I prefer to use this at night than in the morning the pro Panna deal is a penetration enhancer so that's a really nice one you can see that's already in it does add a nice kind of glow to the skin so another product that I used to use and stopped but now that I'm looking at the ingredients out of it for this video I may start again this is the mad hippie face cream it's $25.99 for one ounce this contains Co Q 10 resveratrol green tea niacinamide argan oil which is a good source of antioxidants acai berry pomegranate and it also has matrixyl synth-6 it's just so chock full of great stuff you know like how can you resist another controversy with antioxidants is when it's best to use them in your skincare routine morning or evening I've seen statements claiming both so here's what I would say about it they're effective both morning and night your skin can use antioxidants 24 hours a day in fact there was a study done that showed that the bioavailability of antioxidants in the skin lasted for about eight hours and so if you could put it on every eight hours that would be the optimal but nobody's going to do that but you can use the morning and night you can use them just in the morning just in the evening what I like to do is get a lot of products that have a lot of different ones in them so I'm using some antioxidants in the morning and some antioxidants at night so if you're not going to use a sunscreen that I don't really recommend using antioxidants at least vitamin C al ascorbic acid in the morning because it will degrade but if you are going ahead and putting on a sunscreen within minutes then it's not going to degrade enough to make it ineffective in your skin so definitely if you're going to use your vitamin C in the morning wear sunscreen antioxidants also work synergistically with sunscreen so a lot of sunscreens are adding antioxidants these days my favorite sunscreens that have antioxidants in them are the hydro peptide solar and sunscreens this is the SPF 50 this is the old packaging on the SPF 30 this one is tinted this one isn't this really is like one of my Holy Grail sunscreens and it contains a couple of antioxidants it's very moisturizing to the skin it's an all mineral sunscreen that works great under makeup another sunscreen with antioxidants is the elta MD UV physical broad-spectrum SPF 41 this is a tinted all mineral sunscreen that works really well on its own not as well under makeup as the hydro peptide but this one also contains some antioxidants and that a new one that I just tried this past week that I really like a lot is from color science this is their Sun forgettable total protection face shield this is an SPF 50 PA plus plus plus it's an all mineral sunscreen and it contains antioxidants as well do ok well done showing you all the products so that was everything that I had to tell you today about antioxidants I know it was a lot I know it was a lot to digest but hopefully it helped to make the issues around antioxidants and whether they're worthwhile to use in your skincare routine a little bit more clear so that you can make an educated decision about what you want to use in your anti-aging skincare so I hope you found the video helpful and informative if you did give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel as always I really appreciate your time and thank you so much for watching so I will see you in the next video take care everybody bye

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