Air Fryer Potatoe Chips

**Air Fryer Potatoe Chips**



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Dinner Time
good evening everyone then I could come to mrs. Murphy's frugal budget living right now I'm gonna make some potato chips I'm ready peel them cut them I sold them in water and vinegar and a little bit of salt for 15 minutes walled them for three minutes and from there driving with some paper towel and I'm gonna add some organic olive oil which I already did and then we're gonna place them inside of course my youngest decided he wants to help me say hi baby and we're back down to add some potato chips here well we'll be potato chips slices just don't over layer though just single layers of potato chips and the power air fryer here has a french fry button so that's the button I use to make my life easier and I've seen other settings on like on YouTube other people you go tubes channel saying that you know you can quit for I guess 300 degrees for 15 minutes or so but I don't know much about that but I'll just do my french fry button and see how they turned out and my oldest was the one that helped me peanut these potatoes house I heard can use the potato peeler for the first time so she was happy so let's let me layer these up and we'll see how they turn out I think I have to do a pavia few layers will do that's see they're pretty big back there now speaking of frugal these thongs right here they were only a dollar from adultery and they're better than the one I've purchased anywhere else so I will continue to purchase from them if this one is broken probably still here my son in the background playing but it's almost dinnertime I've also made some fish sticks in the air fire earlier took those out so no these potato chips see how do you turn out and then I'll continue don't other ones and I'll keep you guys updated know what these look like when I put a little bit of salt on them I can show you sea salt and Plato Tesco sea so two batches four hundred fifty minutes so I'll be back update of how they turned out

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