42 thoughts on “**A Debit Card With Benefits: TD Access Card – TD Bank Canada**

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  2. eirwal777

    Last month got access card. Have never used it. This month I discovered that my TD VISA card was not renewable…………. means we need money in our own account to spend it with the access card. The 2016 Canadian budget has "Bank Bail IN on Page 225. If a worldwide financial crisis occurs like 2008 the Canadian government is allowing TD to take your financial assets and give you and "IOU" in the form of shares in TD, all this without your input or permission , …possible it is now built into the user agreement………cash remains best option so use it for as long as possible to slow down the move to cashless society. Businesses like cash, and we retain safeguard our privacy and our identity…refuse to give even postal code numbers where ever possible.

  3. Mizraim Steen

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  5. Andri Sadlak

    Honestly, I am shocked by how @TDBank_US (America) treats their Crossborder clients. I was advised by TD to process a Zelle transfer to my biz account which got flagged as fraudulent. Now I have to either fly from WA to NY or drive to Canada NOW FOR THE SECOND TIME to show up in a branch and regain access to my online banking. Ridiculous. Looking for better ways to transfer money from Canada to US and vice versa. Definitely closing my account with TD US.

  6. Jeff Story

    Don't wast your time or your money. TD bank and their representatives are simply thieves of the most detestable and unscrupulous sort. Their puke green logo and all for which it stands would have made a lovely green spiral had they been allowed a post-flush circle of the basin of worthless financial depravity they created.

  7. Butterfly

    I only wish I could heal people, I would heal myself while I'm at it!
    I'm suffering too wilson w. To only have $$$$$$ to be able to live ergonomically for my needs; sure would help. Seeing threw a beautiful window, that reflects who you are; sure would change a lot to…
    Too much hurt and suffering in this world, positivity will help if you got the RT people around! Family too 🙁
    Please keep hope, that's all I got rt now.
    Please have hope, Wilson. W.
    Merry Christmas to you, or, " Happy Holidays"!
    It's hard around this time of year, if feeling down call someone or a help line, someone always cares. I do!
    Keep Golden to all! And don't give up, it's only up from here! 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  8. Butterfly

    That was the most amazing thing I have seen, in a very long time.
    I am a TD loyal customer, that's what people need, to keep HOPE. Believe me; my good friend just died and also a TD Customer for 40-50 years.
    He was only 58years old. And only went to the bank to make withdrawals or put in for retirement. I wanted to teach him, others ways so he could heal his mouth.
    Sorry that was beautiful to see. Those were lucky/ deserving people. Wow dreams do come true for some.
    Thanks TD, you still have me!

    Keep Golden

  9. Delephine Firingstoney

    How about if I have an old bank card and if I wanted my bank info that I have now to be transferred on to it?

  10. 5000 subscribers with no videos

    Mine wont fucking workkk

    I tried to use this on ps4 but it said it was invalid i put everything right but it said the card number was invalid

  11. Jose Leandro Reyes Rodriguez

    I apologize for this card of TD access Card grab in the banks of Mexico I want to know in which bank you can withdraw money.

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  14. ExtremeCringe

    lol my mom uses a TD debit card and she said to me never fucking use this piece of plastic when im older and she just used her td platinum visa XD

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  16. Connor Thorpe

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