A Day in the Life PART 2 (Frugal Family of 8!)

**A Day in the Life PART 2 (Frugal Family of 8!)**



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Here is PART 2 of A Day In The (Frugal) Life! Be sure to watch PART 1 first here:

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hey phoebs nation it's jordan page from fun cheaper free calm and today is part two of a day in the frugal life oh yeah two weeks ago you saw part one and you loved it so much I decided to come back with part two if you have not watched part one you got to go back and watch it what I do is walk you through an entire day a real day in my life but I show you all of the many many ways that my family stays organized and saves money so go back and watch that first I will link it below but I'm just gonna pick right up where we left off with part two was doing call me excessive but our house has a lot of square footage and so our power bill can be astronomical if we're not careful I have it that we have created in our helps is to turn off the lights every time you leave a room shut the doors because it traps the heat or the cool where you want it also I double check my thermostats every time I walk away just to make sure the heat or air is not still on but one thing you might want to consider too is smart thermostats our house is not new it is actually it's over 20 years old and we had didn't come in and replace all of our thermostat with smart ones and so we can set them up on a schedule certain times of day that everything turns off and on in case we forget and that has been really helpful I believe I still have a coupon code for Vivint if you want to look into it we love it it's our security system also so I will link that below as you guys have seen and our other return reef routine videos our rule which means Bubba and I is the last one to leave the bed makes it Bubba was the last one to leave the bed this morning and he made it kind of I feel like if you haven't made bed your whole room looks cleaner even though I have stuff all over the floors so I'm actually gonna take 30 seconds and make this nice it gets really cold here in Utah and our room is like all windows and so it can get really cold or really hot in here one of the things that we do is we put blackout curtains in so that in the summer it keeps it really cool in here so we don't have to run the air in the winter we have a lot of blankets on our bed so at night we stay warm yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and make this real quick make it look a little nice okay now that my bed is made I'm gonna take a few minutes and get ready for the day and I can't believe I'm showing you this but this is part of my process clothing is one thing that I love I have a lot of it I like a lot of options I'm not a capsule wardrobe person by any shape of the imagination I like a lot of options and I have the space for it but I don't want to spend a lot of money so I can't believe I'm showing you this but one thing that I do seeing is how we are transitioning from from summer into fall winter is how do I turn this darn thing around hold on I like to rotate my clothes so right now I'm going through my closet and pulling out all of my spring and summer clothes I am currently just putting them in a pile Here I am making a separate pile of all the things that I didn't wear that I need to get rid of and the way that I know whether I wore them or not is I flip my hanger around when I hang the item back up so if I grab something to wear it when I go to return it to the closet I flip the hanger so then when it comes time to rotate my closet I can look at anything that isn't flipped and know that I should probably get rid of it and give it to someone else keep pile I've got kind of a toss or donate pile going here and then this is the bin that has fall winter clothes in it and I'm taking those out and then I will replace all of my fall winter stuff with my spring summer stuff I'm always keeping tabs on what I have is it worth keeping and it feels like Paulding new wardrobe every six months or so and I really I find that it cuts down on my desire or need to go shopping very often so that is one way that I save a lot of money and then in terms of the clothes that I buy if you guys follow me on Instagram I like to share my outfits with you but most of my stuff is from TJ Maxx or Ross Amazon and then otherwise shop and that have daily deals stuff like that I'm pretty simple I do not like to spend a lot in my clothes but I like them to look nice and stainer my work block is about to start and if you guys know anything you know that I live and die by my blog schedule system I've got a video about it link below and stay tuned you guys I'm so excited for the last few months we have been working on a block schedule planner and they are coming to market so soon hopefully as early as January 2020 right in time for the new year so stay tuned and I have designed the most amazing planner for you guys to help you organize your blocks and get your to dues done during the day too okay but I'm not ready yet I made a few mistakes today number one normally I get dressed very first thing when I wake up I didn't do that today and I am NOT ready for the day yet but you know what I was filming today and everything takes longer and part of the block schedule system is being flexible so I'm going to catch up on some work stuff and while I'm reading emails or watching Marco Polo's or doing things that don't need my hands I will be doing my makeup and multitasking and it's going to be just fine there's not a lot that I'll be able to show you while I'm working but when it comes to doing my makeup I am a big believer in mixing normal like drugstore everyday makeup and name-brand more high-end makeup in fact even for my foundation I literally blend a board of Maybelline matte poreless foundation with a high-end Lancome foundation I do one little squirt of each so I literally do both ignore that basket of clothes that need to be put away at least the bed is made right one thing I'm doing I'm getting ready is setting my girls preschool up on autopay I don't like having to manually pay for something every month because then there's a chance that if I forget then I'll be slapped with a late fee and those add up if we can budget for it I like to pay for something all the way up front so I don't have payments but in this case since it's a full school year we are going to pay one month at a time so it's not such a big chunk but I am setting it up on auto pay so the first of every month it automatically drafts from my account and I can even schedule a day for the payments to end so I don't accidentally overpay by a month also if I'm drafting automatically from my bank account versus a credit card it saves me about a 6% processing fee so I'm doing all those things right now in the long run it definitely saves some coin chips cheese [Applause] hello Davey's about to head off to school you eating some good lunch okay say goodbye have a good day I said hello and goodbye to the girls I'm gonna keep working and finishing my [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it is a lunchtime I am starving and today for lunch I'm eating leftovers we went out with some friends this weekend and we had a gift card so we went to Macaroni Grill I got so full off of their free bread and bottomless soup I pretty much about to take home my whole entree so I am eating that for lunch I cannot wait I'm so hungry love is here it's not mmm but what did you do for lunch I had a business meeting and it was paid for by the person who took me out what so we're both eating out for lunch and both of us didn't have to pay anything today for it I mean I bought it at one point but her 1 kiloton ended two maybe three it'll be three nice work and now we're sitting next to each other working Oh our little hour of work aren't we cute alright I just laid McEwan down whoa whoa whoa for his afternoon nap though he's just partying in his beds I don't know if he's actually gonna sleep the kids are about to walk through the door any minute from school so we are gonna get an after school snack going and then I got a rush my daughter off to dance and then we'll do dinner and we'll go from there the calm before the storm enjoy it's the second and that didn't last for long hi Guys hi Guys hi guys so here's Priya she's getting ready for dance she's got a late night tonight so she is packing her own little dinner to eat it dance to tighten her over till she can come home we buy the big packs from Costco so we don't have to go through a drive-through show you how we keep them warm so when you have these little contigo containers whoops that we got from Costco and you just put a folded napkin or paper towel on the bottom you know what go get a second one I think that's too full if you put hot food in them it will remain hot seriously all day it's like amazing so this is how we pack leftovers or real food for lunch or dinner I just dropped Priya off at dance and I just wanted to take a quick minute to talk about extracurricular activities because my gosh they can really add up and be expensive I actually did an entire video on budgeting for and how to afford or how to know whether you can afford extracurricular activities for your kids or not so I will link that below but for me a few things that we do to save money because extracurriculars for us are really important even though we have a big family we've got six kids and another two on the way we feel like we don't want the size of our family to hinder our kids abilities to develop their talents and to do and try the things that they want to do and try all of my kids do their activities at the same place so any of my kids who want to dance we chose one studio and they all dance their each sibling gets a discount on their class each month so the first sibling is full price but then each subsequent siblings are discounted we also save up throughout the year and then pay for the full year in advance for classes and costumes which is a big chunk of money up front but then we get a big discount we hand our dance shoes or as many dance items down as possible or we go buy them used from a place like kid to kid where you can get sporting equipment that's used and then otherwise I have a lot of chips in that video that I will link below now it's time to head home and get to the crazy time to get it dinner wrong it is 4:30 I've got my chicken it was cooked I shredded it up and then I'm basically going to divide it into ooh fourths depending on how much I need two servings for the two casseroles tonight and then one or two servings for the freezer we'll see how far I can stretch it one of the things that we have done to cut down on extracurricular costs is we canceled all of our music lessons because the piano lessons we're getting astronomical because they were like 30 dollars per lesson for a 30-minute lesson per kid for a week it was just it was crazy instead we found a couple music apps one of them is called simply piano and it's $10 per month and it teaches the kids how to play piano with the iPad and it has been great and then there's one called use ition like y-o-u and that one you can actually have other instruments and Priya likes to use it to do voice lessons because she loves to sing we have saved a ton of money this year not doing lessons it's a temporary fix I do think they will need to do lessons when they're a little bit older but for right now it would just really helped us cut down on stuff almost everything you see in this room including the piano itself with all secondhand globes from a yard sale the piano we bought throughs and lots of eyes these were wedding gifts that's above as old guitar from high school right which one at a trade show for tech companies you know people do an easy contest where it's like you drop your business card in a bowl but but I had to like take a picture playing air guitar tweet it you did you like five steps and he was one of the only people who did it and got a really nice guitar these are all secondhand our Halloween decor was purchased after Halloween's to a grocery store actually and they had all of their Halloween stuff on clearance because it was already November and then otherwise a lot of them were like I said from yard sales but I just went shopping in our basement we have a cold storage or cold yeah cold storage cold room in our basement if you build a house make sure they build a cold storage room it's usually like under a deck or a front door or a garage that's normally wasted space and then it stays nice and cold concrete walls and you can store food in there we like to buy extras of things so when I go to the store if pastas on sale I would buy one for now and at least two for later or as many as I can afford depending on how good the sale is and what my budget is that week and it slowly built a stockpile also we will stock up during case lot sales which is where grocery stores will have like a week where instead of buying per can or per package or per bottle you can buy a whole case of usually between 6 or more cans or containers and you get a big discount on that stock up drink a slot sales and keep our own little store in the baseline so everything I need for dinner tonight I did not derive to the store for I like to keep a stash of disposable baking pans I like having various sizes but this 9 by 13 is typically what I use these are also really good for taking dinners to people or for pies or cornbread things like that they are pretty inexpensive you can get them pretty much at any grocery store or in bulk on Amazon so then when I double a meal I can freeze it in something that isn't glass this is kind of a funny frugal tip but one nonetheless is I like to keep little mini spatulas on hand of various shapes and sizes because then when you have a can of something you can get in there and scrape every drop out again sometimes you think those little pennies don't add up but they do you paid for your using it scrape every drum I have another tip for bulk food if you've got a big container of sour cream or cottage cheese turn the container upside down once it's been opened it helps create a better airtight seal on the lid and it helps it last longer and then of course like I mentioned earlier once you get about halfway down the container you're going to want to put it in a smaller container it will make it last longer dinner is done and in the oven I've got two bags of shredded cooked chicken that are ready for the freezer that I can then pull out to make an easy meal in the future I have got my second chicken spaghetti meal ready to go for the freezer I am feeling pretty good about life and the best part is with this meal it only dirtied one pot and one slow cooker so all things considered it was very simple for veggies I have not been to the grocery store today later tonight I'm actually gonna sit down and order my groceries to do a grocery pickup tomorrow the easiest way for me to keep track of my budget because then as I add things to my cart I can make sure I'm within my $200 a week budget the budget recommendation I have for families as $100 per person in your family per month so for my family that would be $800 a month and then you just divide it by week now if you only have one or two of you in your family you would want to start at 300 dollars go up from there so tonight I'm gonna sit down and order my groceries to pick up tomorrow I didn't have time to do that today I'm a little skimpy on fresh veggies so I'm gonna do some frozen peas some frozen corn and then some leftover salad from the other night we're gonna call it a day are you boys up to over here what fixing it yourself instead of taking it to a shop okay so you bought these lights at Walmart and he's teaching how to do it installing in themselves and Hutch finished his mandatory chores or obligations if you will today and so he's been working with Bubba for about an hour so he is earning allowance our kids have daily like mandatory things they have to do that's on their clipboards you kind of have seen our clipboard system I will link that below and then above and beyond that day can earn allowance so he gets a couple bucks for working for an hour with dad so there you go nice work kay dinner's ready another random little frugal tip is at night we give each of our kids a different colored plate Priya's not here which is why we only have four but I make sure there are different colors so that if somebody doesn't finish their there's like a pile of food sitting on someone's plate we know whose it is and we can wrap it up and save it for them for later if they don't get any snacks but they're welcome to reheat their dinner and finish that later if they want a little tip for your parents another frugal thing we do which is kind of funny is if we get takeout or order pizza or whatever and it comes with napkins instead of throwing them away because we hate that it's wasteful we actually keep them and hold on to them we just have this little pile of perfectly good but to shovelled napkin for dinner or whatever it is this was from catering that we ordered for an event they left behind all the napkins and all of the silverware so we reuse these and give them to our kids right $3.99 we actually have our kids shower together I have my three little kids in a shower until they get old enough that it's inappropriate but they're all young and so and we keep an eye on them but it consolidates water then they're in and out in like a couple of minutes and all of them are clean at once they even can help brush each other's hair and wash each other off and it's really great so that's actually something we do otherwise if we were doing six individual shower actually eight individual showers every single night our water mellowed be through the roof and that's a lot of ways so call us crazy ones what we do that's pretty much a day in the life nothing too exciting now got home from Dan Smith Priya cut her some dinner put her to bed Bev and I cleaned up a bit and now we are headed to bed because we are pooped so hopefully that was helpful to show you some of the ways that we save money day to day one of the things I didn't get to today was grocery shopping and I figured I wouldn't so I am going to get ready for bed and then lay in bed and order my groceries on my phone just for grocery pick up at Walmart tomorrow because it doesn't cost anything extra as long as your order is $30 or more which mine will be drop my kids off at school swing by a Walmart they'll load up my groceries and I'm done hopefully that was helpful if it was will you give it a thumbs up please leave a comment below I'm curious to know you do any of these same frugal things or what frugal things you do on a day to day basis now if you guys don't mind I gotta get to bed I'm pooped frugal mama oh hi guys you're supposed to be sleeping you should be sleeping remember say I love you

46 thoughts on “**A Day in the Life PART 2 (Frugal Family of 8!)**

  1. Trent Katelas

    So if i know I need bread I will wait till around 7pm and go down to Woolworths (local grocery store) and pick up a loaf of bread that was baked the same day for a reduced priced. Regularly find the loaf of bread for between 70-80cents.

  2. Nicole W

    I actually do a handful of these hacks I reuse butter bowls for all around uses I keep almost all of our coffee containers I have a reusable coffee filter also with clothes instead of donating all of our clothes I resell them on Poshmark for a fraction of the price and use that money for more clothes I also reuse plastic like the one use things like ziplock bags and solo cups we space out our usage of shampoo and conditioner which in turn makes our hair healthier I boil our old toothbrush’s and use them longer but when we are done with them I don’t throw them away I save them and use them for cleaning around the bottom of the toilet and around the sinks different toothbrushes for each of course I use our lint from the dryer as stuffing for pillows the dryer sheets that have been used are great for shine cleaning on metal surfaces also used dryer sheets with a little bit of essential oils are great for vents in cars grocery bags can be reused for many different things like bathroom garbage bags and can also be reused as doggie poop bags I keep all cans or any kind of metal and take them to our local recycling lot and we make money from our used cans from food or canned drinks I save our stained clothes and make pillows out of them or cat and dog beds our pickle jars the big ones get used for cereal storage with sections from cardboard on the inside to separate different cereals

  3. Christy Wright

    I save about 10% on my Walmart pickup by using the ibotta app and making multiple orders for the same pickup time. I spend 30 dollars and get 3 dollars back for each order.

  4. Christy Wright

    There is a product that wirelessly opens and shuts your air vents in your house on a schedule from an app. I can't remember what it's called but it might help your energy consumption

  5. Ashley Bishop

    In previous videos, you had talked about looking for Manager's Specials or meat that is discounted because it needs to be frozen that day or within a few days… have you found it better to still go in store to do that or do you shop online via pickup moreso?

  6. Scott Dicey

    Just came across your videos today and have been bing watching/listening while at work vs. a radio. I LOVE a lot of ideas and tips you give and think my wife thinks I am crazy when I suggest some things. I try to reuse and save as much as possible vs. waste and at the same time of saving we are being green! I have always said school should have taught us life tips to be an adult yeaaaaars ago and thanks to you and YouTube generations now can watch things like your videos and learn. I will be sharing for sure for others (and my wife LOL, can you tell who the spender and saver are?)

  7. Jillinda Duerbeck

    I tried your link cents of style. they are taking 5 weeks or more to ship. That is just to long for a business to expect customers to wait for products. They also did not mention this on your link. This is a company I personally would not endorse. Surprised you would. All of you other links have been great.

  8. G O A

    Really like your family videos! I have 3 kids and I feel like my house is in chaos. To see videos of how you stay organized with a big family is so so helpful!

  9. Meagan Rohler

    6:41 The upside down sour cream trick- I have a question!! Does this not work for smaller containers? It’s just my husband and I and I’m lactose intolerant, so I use it for some things, but not much. I turned my 16 oz Kroger sour cream upside down two weeks ago and it didn’t come down. Is this because it’s too thick or too small or something else?

  10. Raising Twinz

    I have been working on paying off student loan debt. One of the most helpful
    tips I found was to try to shop for groceries that are less than $1
    per pound, item, etc.. Which is a huge challenge at the store, but it
    works. I try to make a game out of it – what do I have in my pantry vs. what do I need to make meals. Can I find what I need for less than $1 pp/pi. It has helped me be able to add to my short and long term savings and still stay on budget with groceries (family of 4/$100 week).

  11. Raising Twinz

    I have been working on paying off student loan debt. One of the most helpful
    tips I found was to try to shop for groceries that are less than $1
    per pound, item, etc.. Which is a huge challenge at the store, but it
    works. I try to make a game out of it – what do I have in my pantry vs. what do I need to make meals. Can I find what I need for less than $1 pp/pi. It has helped me be able to add to my short and long term savings and still stay on budget with groceries (family of 4/$100 week).

  12. Cynthia Bogacz

    Yes!! I love auto pay, or anything that I can pay ahead and save in the long run, or pay off right away! I love watching and listening to tips, even if I already know them 😂 I’ve been cheap all my life which I am actually pretty proud of. I always buy things off season as well! Which saves SO MUCH!! Christmas gifts ahead of time, or things for yourself like beauty Christmas sets, on sale after Christmas, ornaments, stockings, stocking stuffers, candy, freeze it, etc!

    I like going to Olive Garden I get the bottomless soup, and bread sticks, and I get a meal, save the meal for later which is usually filling me up twice, and the soup fills me up once at the restaurant.

    I already do use a lot of these tips but it’s always nice when you find tips you didn’t think of.

  13. Mirona Mirona

    I like pretty much everything about the way you do stuff..
    But, the quantity of meat you use for 8 servings seems way too little,

  14. Megan Rasey

    We make and take our kids dinner on Sunday nights to church. Service is right at dinner time and the nursery workers don't mind our littles bringing a meal to eat. It's tempting to hit the drive through and I see a lot of other parents do that and sometimes I feel bad that we don't, BUT- x3 that would add up fast. I get super frustrated when we do splurge and then they don't even eat it. 💸💸💸💸

  15. Danielle Wu

    We don’t do allowance because we want to teach our kids that families help each other, and that we all have valuable contributions to make to the family unit. In a lot of families that do allowance, I have noticed that kids get conditioned to not want to help do anything unless they get get paid. Just another perspective that’s worked for us

  16. Angelika R.

    Excellent tips, Jordan! Some I've learned from you over time already and others were newer to me ❤ one thing I do that i was reminded of when you shared your tip to keep little spatulas around in the kitchen: I keep a pair of scissors and a mini spatula in the bathroom. These are meant for the bathroom and stay there! Whenever I use the last of a lotion, shower gel, conditioner or some other thing, I cut the sucker open (if I can) and really get the last uses out of it. Doesnt apply to every product but sure can help a lot! It's crazy how much product stays behind that we will toss into the trash!

  17. Paige Mathis

    We use WM grocery pickup too…it has saved us a ton on groceries and no more standing in the store price comparing! Another thing we've always done is keep a left over container in the freezer. When we have say a spoon full of corn or peas we pop it in the container (we use a gallon plastic ice cream bucket) when it gets full we add a can or 2 of diced tomatoes and a 1/2 gallon jug of tomato juice and it makes wonderful leftover veggie soup.

  18. tkine97

    I checked with my granddaughter's preschool to pay for a year up front opposed to monthly payments, and was given the last month of school for the year free as incentive to pay for a full year at one time. It pays to ask.

  19. Christina Chang

    I have a really hard time getting ready every morning when most days I stay home all day. My older daughter walks to and from the bus stop and I stay home with my baby. When I have errands, I do try really hard to make myself look nice and put on makeup and whatnot but that's rare too. I'm a single mom, moved a couple months to a new state, don't have any family and the couple friends I have are in another state so I don't have that thought process of wanting to look nice in case I run into Suzie Q. I know I should be getting fully dressed and presentable for myself but I really cant help but think 'why bother?' Anyone else struggle with this??

  20. Kristen Dutton

    How on earth did you get your kids to shower? I have small kids and they will only take baths. Showers would be so much easier.

  21. Kathy Cadile

    Do you have the chicken spaghetti recipe somewhere? I couldn't find it. Looks like a great way to make extra food.


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