7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear Makeup | Minimalist Natural & Sustainable Beauty

**7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear Makeup | Minimalist Natural & Sustainable Beauty**



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7 REASONS WHY I DON’T WEAR MAKEUP | Join me today for helpful tools on how to transition to no makeup and natural skincare. I commit to Minimalism, sustainability, and practice Zero-waste wherever I can. My focus is to live chemical-free and toxin-free.

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I used to wear full makeup to school, work, and to meet friends and now I don't wear any makeup and I practice Extreme Minimalism, sustainability and natural living. Hello friends, this is Youheum. I've been practicing Minimalism for 5 years. I gradually wore less and less makeup and now I ended up not wearing any makeup at all. I also don't wear contact lenses, shave, or groom my body hair and I don't use chemical skin and hair care products. I will share the reason why I don't wear makeup and also some natural and holistic ways I care for my body and skin. Also before I go in-depth, I want to extend my gratitude for all my Patreon supporters, sponsors, and my community. I was able to get a new microphone for better experience and connection. So thank you for your generosity! I value natural and sustainable living so I'm currently focusing on Chemical-free living a plant-based lifestyle. And also reducing waste to reach my Zero-waste goal as much as possible and appreciating my natural self. Some benefits that I have experienced from not wearing makeup is being able to spend more time on nourishing activities and other ways of self-care. I no longer feel rushed to get my makeup and hair done 30 minutes or even an hour before heading out. I love how I can save money and be able to use that money on experiences more than accumulation. I also appreciate not producing packaging waste from the container and boxes that come with the product. Most conventional beauty products are single-use and they're made of plastic packaging. So although I am not 100% Plastic-free or Zero-waste, I try my best to align with my intention of spreading compassion to this Earth. Another benefit that I enjoy is being able to avoid toxic ingredients and irritants like artificial fragrance, alcohol, artificial color, petroleum, and preservatives from leeching into my skin and into my internal system. I also appreciate how I'm not contributing to animal testing and staying true to my practice of Veganism. The biggest reason why I don't follow the beauty norm like shaving, wearing contacts, wearing makeup which I did all in the past, is because I value my natural self. I've always been attracted to the natural world. I enjoy forest bathing, hiking, climbing trees, and being connected with my wild self. I also love inviting elements of nature to my modern life by having plants around, wearing natural fibers like linen and living slow. I have lost this part of my natural self many years ago when I believed that I must be presentable for others to accept who I am. I focused too much on creating the ideal me, instead of accepting my imperfection. Makeup is a powerful tool and I'm sure it allows people to find confidence and joy in the practice. Especially creative souls like artists using this medium for their profession. But after many years I realized that it simply is not compatible with me. My skin is not perfect and I do still have some bumps and eczema on my skin, but it's slowly fading away. I focus on eating nourishing food to care for my mind, body, and spirit instead of using temporary remedies like ointments and harsh skincare treatments. Because this only treats what is at the surface level and not the root cause of the problem. I believe in the healing power of food and by eating a plant-based raw diet, I have seen major positive changes in my rosacea, eczema, and dark circles. Something that I enjoy doing is drinking celery juice and it has beneficial in detoxing my body and skin. I am aware that Raw Veganism is not for everybody and I'm simply here to share my story with you. In no way do I believe that my way is the best way and I'm happy to do what I love in my own unfolding and expression without resisting the lifestyle choices of others. I also feel that emotions have a lot to do with the skin. Some of you might already be aware of this if you read Louise Hay's work on healing the body through emotional and spiritual awareness. So I try to manage my stress and adrenal fatigue with hot baths, massages, yoga, meditation, and slow days. Also, be sure to share with me what you love about yourself. What is one feature you love? Maybe on your skin, hair or body. Share with me in the comments below. Some options that I considered before going completely no-makeup is plant-based and all natural makeup brands. I support small businesses making Plastic-free and biodegradable products or just companies that put an effort into reaching a sustainable goal. I also see many Zero-waste bloggers offer DIY homemade makeup like charcoal. mascara, plant-based pigment eyeshadows, and tinted lip balms. So there are definitely ways to be Eco-friendly and still wear makeup if that's what you want to do. I used to use these organic tinted lip balm and mineral eye shadows. I use this calendula salve for body and skin moisturizing. It's very gentle and not too oily for my skin type. I also have this homemade sunscreen made of carrot oil, a few drops of essential oil, and other natural ingredients. I wash my face, body, and hair with a single bar of soap. It's handmade locally in Austin and made of olive oil base. I also have a chlorine filter on my shower head to remove most of the harsh chemicals from leaching into my skin and causing irritation. My hairbrush is Plastic-free. This one is made of bamboo and it doesn't have a strong plastic smell to it, which I enjoy. I hope that you find or have found the courage to love your authentic self as well. I also want to remind you that I'm not the only woman who intentionally chooses to not shave or not to wear makeup or not to follow the beauty norm. So I give a shout out with deep appreciation to Brittany Taylor, WearILive and The Fairly Local Vegan. They have beautiful lives, beautiful relationships, and an authentic lifestyle. I thank them for the courage to share with us. So feel free to visit them as well. And if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again my friends for being here with me and I hope to see you again soon.

21 thoughts on “**7 Reasons Why I Don't Wear Makeup | Minimalist Natural & Sustainable Beauty**

  1. Heal Your Living

    FYI new microphone! I am truly grateful for your generosity my friends. Feel free to share how your natural beauty journey is going.

  2. Honey Peaches

    I do shave…but your vid has made me think a lot. Isn't hair growing on your body meant for protection? Why do we shave it off? Btw I never wear makeup either! ☺️💕

  3. El Mundo Kuetzpal

    I love your videos. I am the complete opposite but I have begun to pick up some of your practices. Thank you.

  4. Skyler Adams

    I have only worn a full face of make up at my high school prom. That's it. Every other time I just we a lip stick if I feel like it. Personally for me it makes me take care of my skin and have a healthier routine. My reason for not wearing make up is not because I'm minimalist , it's because 1. I don't know how to do all the foundation, concealer, highlight, etc. 2. I've never been into make up 3. I'm too lazy , I have a natural afro and combing it through already takes a good few minutes – i can't add a make up routine lol 4. Make up is expensive – not something im likely to keep up with . Thank you for your videos , they are informative and calming

  5. Sabine S

    I wear mascara and once in awhile some lipgloss.. I gave up foundation & eye makeup years ago.. I no longer color my hair and it is now completely grey/white.. even though I'm only in my mid 50s.. I get a haircut 3-4 times a year.. I'm already on the journey but you have inspired me even more so! I don't live in a year round warm climate so I may need a few more clothes, but it's so true that I don't need half of the clothes I have.. I don't wear them really.. I go for the ones I feel comfortable in.. I love your style of living it's truly inspiring! 😊

  6. M DR

    Another makeup-less, non-shaving, minimalist woman here (in Europe ;-)) Recently found your channel and I love how soothing you are, listening to you immediately makes me slow down and be more mindful <3 Thank you for sharing and yay for Brittany & Amber, love their channels so much <3

  7. Sarah Borowik

    I admire you so much for trying your best to envision your humble and noble goals for a better world through your practice of extreme minimalism. You are so precious, beautiful and mindful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings ❤️🙏 much love from Germany

  8. Flamingo Williams

    Hi There! I highly reccomend looking at The Body Shops Body Polisher Cloth. It's ethically made and it's really helped the bumps on my face. I feel that that is caused by soap stuck under your skin and a rougher skin cloth can work wonders on releasing it.

  9. Beth 1975

    I’ve never worn make up, the women in my mothers family have always shown their worth through actions – I’m grateful for that. I don’t dye my greying hair. This results in my 3 children not ‘caring’ about how they look, they’re amazingly confident in themselves and know their self worth. I’m loving your channel and keen to learn more the more I progress through attempting zero-waste. I doubt I’ll get there with children, but I’m mindful to reduce as much as possible. Thank you for being the guiding force to lead me to where I want to be.

  10. A M

    Great video! I very rarely wear make up myself and I do not groom my hair. I only wish people would stop telling me how sick/tired I look everywhere I go. 😞

  11. winnifred miller

    Hey friend,I’d like to let you know that I don’t shave hairs from my body ,I first thought that we are all created uniquely n if hairs that are on our bodies weren’t meant to be their in the first place it wouldn’t,so when I thought about it I leave my hairs n just keep clean dry n hydrated.i brush my skin just as you do.i know a minimalist lifestyle will make me happier one day when I transitioned

  12. Samantha Derrick

    Nobody cares! and your jab is pathetic! FYI, you have to be a natural beauty to pull off makeup!


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