6 Reasons Why You NEVER Get Cheap Airplane Tickets

**6 Reasons Why You NEVER Get Cheap Airplane Tickets**



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Ever see a great deal on a flight to Europe or New York or Las Vegas, but you never actually could get that price on the ticket you bought? Here we go over some of the main reasons why travelers, tourists and vacationers seem to never get the cheap tickets that airlines seem to offer.
Filmed in Granada, Nicaragua
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30 thoughts on “**6 Reasons Why You NEVER Get Cheap Airplane Tickets**

  1. Janet Castro

    going to paris 2weeks from now atlanta -paris $300 only 1 layover in new york for 2 hrs. with food and check in bags cant beat that!

  2. Evangelia Mintzai

    Another thing to consider is the time of the flight but you need to see if there is public transportation when you arrive or depart. Otherwise you will pay more on the taxi.

  3. Rian Young

    Usually good content, but this is just bollocks.

    You can easily get really cheap flights around Europe with Ryanair.
    If you’re paying more than €20 for a Ryanair flight, you’re probably not booking at the right time.

    (I know this is an old video)

  4. Ray S

    I went from Dallas to Iceland for $300 round trip 2018, Dallas to Barcelona for $450 and Dallas to Amsterdam $560 in 2019.

  5. Raz

    Went with 25 euros to London(from eastern europe). I didn't choose my seat, I didn't take a check-in luggage, I didn't buy food on the plane. So it was actually 25 euros. It wasn't fancy, but no delays or issues.

  6. Tony Pittsburgh

    Number 7: Expedia and Travelocity which are the same company do this. 6 days in a great European destination , airfare and lodging for 1200 dollars. But wait, the return flight has 2 stops with a 17 and an 8 hr layover, You want the one stop 2 hr ayover, that will be 700 more

  7. Demy B.

    I dunno, I travelled as a student from Berlin to London with Ryanair for 13€, and all I can say that was waaaay cheaper it should actually cost

  8. Scolopente

    Really? Not the same in Europe. I bought a return flight from Malta to Barcelona for a total of 9.98 EUR. And that's not unusual.

  9. Phillip Mulligan

    Reason #4, bait and switch is highly illegal sales tactic in Canada. Airlines as well as other companies have been fined for such behavior. I don't accept reason #4 and I make sure I collect and record all information right at the very start. That's considered fraud in Canada. Air Canada has been fined for that kind of seat sales tactic.

  10. Bruce Johnson

    Also, good luck if you need to connect to a major hub airport. That virtually guarantees the best prices aren't going to happen for you.

  11. Parker's NBA Videos

    I thought the title meant "why you (should) never get cheap tickets".

    But it meant "why you (can) never get cheap tickets".

  12. Ondřej Matějka

    I don't believe in cheap plane tickets, it's just something what they trying to force to believe that it really exist, but they sell it to few people and that's all, you have no chance to get it. When I am going somewhere by plane (in Europe) price for return ticket is always around 280 eur and it's already good combination of the cheapest flights. People from work are thinking I am crazy that I am paying this because they are traviling with travel agencies and they don't know real price of that tickets if you going by normal plane, not with rabbit cage with wings. 😀

  13. skylineXpert

    I have disagree on that one.

    Got BLL-CPH-EWR IAD-CPH-BLL for 2699 dkk.
    Sas still has youth tickets if you are under 26 and eurobonus

  14. Rafael Seher

    Hi Mark. Just wondering what kind of profesor you are and how do you manage to get to manage to travel so often

  15. George Rady

    FYI – I work for a major bank – do NOT use your Debt Card EVER!!! Use a Credit Card – only a Credit Care is protected for fraud and identity theft… a compromised Debt card can EMPTY YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT. Go ahead, get it in writing from your bank… they will admit that checking accounts are “unsecured short term loans” from the bank’s legal point of view.

  16. George Rady

    Sounds like “cheap Broadway tickets” – by the time you drill down to the check-out you are paying MORE than if you bought your tix at the Box! (I live in NYC – it’s a SCAM)

  17. Ashley Shaw

    I’ve found that flying to Europe from michigan is a expensive. I Hop on the train and go to Chicago . I can usually find tickets for half the price or less for the same days .


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