5 Tips For Saving Money on Food - Global Goals

**5 Tips For Saving Money on Food – Global Goals**



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Unicef asked us to come hang out with them at the United Nations last week. The Pope, amongst other world leaders, was speaking about the Global Goals and trying to get the world back to a better place. So I thought we would take a minute to help you save some money on food with a few of my favorite tips.
recently UNICEF asked Mike and I to come to the United Nations where the Pope was speaking in Molalla to be honest I was a little bit confused at first like what do they want us brothers green of all people to come to this event but it was actually really amazing get to meet a lot of great people and it got me thinking so what's going on right now in the world if you didn't know this there's a thing called the global goals and all the nation's leaders have come by the entire world to make 17 goals spend 5 trillion dollars over the next 15 years to get this planet in much better shape because apparently things are getting screwed up these days so they're coming together and they're gonna work on these goals to try to make sure the world goes in a good place we're talking goals like to end poverty you know end world hunger to focus on getting our environment in better shape economic stability all that kind of stuff I know this is a cooking channel but I wanted to find a way to tie that in to help you guys because what happens is when you're helping yourself then you can help other people and you can do this world a better place but it always starts with you we can sit around we can blame people but oh I don't have this I don't have that but we're all very fortunate lucky people and sometimes the end of day you got to stop blaming and you got to start taking responsibility for yourself so here are five ways that you can save money on food and by saving money you'll be able to donate money to other people that really need it you won't waste as much but a lot of good things happen when you're saving money on food but that's just a start you gotta start somewhere number one limit yourself to a budget a weekly budget is a great way to save money if you're like okay I'm only gonna spend $50 a week on food instead of just aimlessly spending you realize you're really cutting back I just did a video recently how to live off $21 for an entire week that video will be out soon but this is just a start to start with a budget pick something that feels good you can always adjust it a little bit but if you have a budget you're gonna get creative you're gonna be looking at things that are cheaper you're gonna be looking at what do I really have for the week you're not gonna be going out as much it's number one number two eat out less I know we all love to eat out and you go you grab some fast food you think it's cheaper but sometimes doing that next to be more expensive and if you're going to a restaurants every in a while is okay I mean eat out whatever you want but if you go to a restaurant sometimes your meals gonna cost more than would cost you for the whole day if not the entire week of eating so think about that if you're spending oh it's only twenty thirty bucks you know for a nice meal well okay all of a sudden that is a lot of money that could be all your groceries for the entire week and you know what if you manage to do it then treat yourself every once in a while you know you okay Friday night you go out you haven't eaten out all week treat yourself nothing longer treating yourself this is gonna sound a little bit strange but eat half of your food this is something that I developed a while ago I started realizing how big the frickin portions in America are you get like a sandwich it's like a footlong like a footlong that's that much food so what I would do is I would take half of it I'd wrap it up put it in the fridge save it for later and that way I've got food for later I can eat my food focus on it if you see the whole sandwich in front of you you're gonna just want to scarf the whole thing down but if you take that hat maybe you have it you're like okay now I still got two hats there's a lot of mind tricks going on to put the food away that way you end up getting two meals for the price of one you don't provide another food later trust me it works the meals impressions are huge in America don't be like you're depriving yourself just give it a try number four buy in bulk when you're shopping for food it really really will help you a lot if you're able to go to a bulk store like a Costco or Sam's Club even if you're just going to your market you look for the big thing like a big-ass thing of vinegar they're gonna cost you maybe a couple dollars you go get rice and beans and you don't want to buy everything in bulk you don't want something's gonna go to waste but stuff that's dried canned things that can last a long time buying a bowl really helps you just got to make sure that you don't go crazy because there's so much food but it will really help you cut the cost down number five this one might seem obvious but don't waste there's a lot of things you might not realize that you're actually wasting when you're eating like for example let's say you're eating chicken right you're eating the chicken you're eating chicken off the bone what do you do you throw the bone out no you can make stop with that already even if the bones already cooked that's a roasted delicious bone cook it and make an awesome stock just fill cup half water throwing the bones add some spices boil it down it's gonna be delicious same thing with vegetables when you're cooking you're taking the onion skins and you're just throwing them out you're taking the ends of carrots now put all that stuff in a pan and make a huge stock out of it or do something creative extract that flavor maybe it's not the best thing to eat but if you're thinking about waste and what you're consuming it's actually gonna help you and I know I'll brothers green we like to get creative and do crazy foods and stuff but the end of the day it's all for helping you guys be creative with what you're cooking save money have a good time change your life kick some frickin what you asked we've got some crazy videos coming up hope you guys enjoy this share subscribe to the brothers dream like this shiz Mizzell below scrumdiddlyumptious we love you

32 thoughts on “**5 Tips For Saving Money on Food – Global Goals**

  1. Robin D

    I don't eat out but once per month or less. I save money by looking for coupons and sales on whole foods or at least healthier foods. I took the time to learn all about couponing and the tricks to it. I also have my favorite companies that have healthy, whole organic foods such as Driscolls', for example. I look to see if they have any produce coupons every once in a while. There are others I check as well. I also buy older fruit that is discounted as long as the skin is not broken. Bruised fruit can be cooked or frozen and bananas are actually tastier and more nutritious if they have some freckles. You can freeze them and use for smoothies or banana muffins later so I buy a whole tote of them. Onions and peppers of any kind can be chopped and frozen if you find a good deal. I have even gotten a deal on whole, small tomatoes at the farmers market and frozen them whole, uncooked with skins on (yep, just throw them in a bag) for later use blended up in soups and pasta sauces. I grew up on a farm, so we always had to preserve the harvest. I don't have time for gardening much other than foraging, so I use what I learned from the farm to save money. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, root vegetables, pumpkins and winter squash will stay good for a long time if you can store them in a cool, dry place with good air flow, like in a plastic or wood crate. My son keeps his in the basement laundry room, I keep mine in the back addition to the house that has no heater vents. Basements are usually the best place if they are not moldy. Before we had refrigerators people used root cellars to store vegetables. Refrigerators dry them out too much and change the starches in them. I have had winter squash that have lasted an entire year and still not spoiled. They were not the best texture, but still edible. Six months is a good time frame to eat them within, so get them on sale in the Fall and eat them up before the end of Spring. You do have to check them and throw out any bad ones though because mold will spread quickly.

  2. Yani 14

    I've been investigating saving money while on cruises and found an awesome website at Carls Cruise Cutter (google it if you're interested)

  3. Legacy Gaming Entertainment

    You look into the camera a lot in every video. It's pretty distracting is there any way you can really focus on looking into the camera instead of at the monitor? I get its hard however it would make a big difference and feel more personal and professional. I'm a Photographer/Videographer irl and everything else looks amazing, that's my only personal issue/suggestion. Also I love your tips on saving money and your new series on $1 meals. That's great. Please keep doing them. <3 I've subbed. You definitely deserve it. I just happened to stumble on your channel. I love what I've seen so far and can't wait to watch more.

  4. assassinblackop

    Huge tip: get a case of potatoes, 15-20 bucks for 80 russet potatoes. Potatoes last forever and there's so much you can do with them.

  5. trang nguyen

    It is awesome to hear that you got invited by the United Nation 🙂 talented people finally got recognized! you guys have so much potential to do even bigger thing than this. I love the fact that your channel provides lots of videos for cost effective meals and still can be so creative. Keep doing what you love 🙂

  6. Lisa Forbes

    I think it's sad that WE the people have to learn to live with less, eat cheaper etc. when we are not the ones who created these policies or implemented the plans that are destroying the environment and creating the so called food shortages. Maybe if the Vatican shared some of it's wealth or if the 1% learned to live with less I think that would be an amazing start. How many of them are going to bed hungry, reusing their chicken bones or buying groceries at the dollar store? Shouldn't they lead my example?

  7. wild heart

    clicked on thumbs up when i was only half way thru this video…. just saw two videos and cnt stop going thru ur complete playlist.. interesting.

  8. ma ra

    The last institution that I want to tell me how to live my life, or how my government should conduct itself would be a left wing socialistic anti American and anti Israel and anti Jew institution like the the United Nations. Especially when Saudi Arabia, Cuba…some of the worst human rights abusers in the world are on their so called "human rights" council. I love you guys but get off the pot and get real – the UN is not our friend.

  9. indiegokido12

    Or we could vote for another economic system instead of this one that only benefit that 7 family's

  10. sammeyj

    I wish you would do a food series on cheap eatting for different diets. Like people who don't eat gluten, or palio, vegetarian etc.

  11. eselle1955

    Get a zip lock freezer bag and put all your onion skins, root ends, and other scrubbed peelings in it.  When you have enough for a pot of stock you're all set.  I also save the bones from roasted chicken the same way.   Not only do you save money, you end up with wonderful, rich stock far better than money can buy.  It tastes so good that I invested in a huge stock pot just for the purpose.

  12. Noxmoony

    200k HELL YES! First off, congratulations on being invited to the unicef event. That's a big deal man 😀 These tips are really great! I can especially relate to the first two. Everytime I go out, I have to spend at LEAST 10 dollars for a meal and with that money I can make a lot of meals at home. That's one of the reasons I've been cutting back on eating out these days. And having a weekly budget really helps you focus on what you NEED to get as opposed to getting stuff on a whim. BTW speaking of bones, try eating them sometime, really delish. Not the whole thing but the soft crunchy parts like at the tip of a drumstick or wings. It's a common thing to eat em many parts of Asia : 3

  13. Ryan K.

    I noticed you guys have a website with merchandise… But you're missing one thing: A COOKBOOK! Do you guys ever plan on whipping up a cookbook to sell with all your top recommended/favorite recipes? If so, I would definitely buy it. If not, is there any cookbooks out there you would recommend, especially more for beginner leveled cookers? Appreciate it!

  14. Mary Buck

    These are all great tips! Feel like these things were second nature to our grandparents & especially great grandparents. Very cool that UNICEF involved Brothers Green, btw!


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