5 Time and Money Saving Tips for Pen Turners

**5 Time and Money Saving Tips for Pen Turners**



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In this video you will learn 5 time and money saving tips so you can spend less time per project and create more pens. Watch the video to find out more.

Product used in this video:
– Turncrafter 10in. Variable Speed Midi Lathe

– Assembly/Disassembly Pen Press

– Pen Blanks

– Pen Blank Drilling Center Vise


– Single Tube Pen Kits

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pen making and assembly run smoothly if
you follow the instructions unfortunately some Turner's bypass this
critical step in their excitement to create and enjoy the finished project
for example a common mistake is for Turner's to accidentally reverse the
longer and shorter tubes and press components into the wrong tube to avoid
this problem position the turn tubes and pen parts in the order they are to be
assembled and match your tubes to the instructions all of Penn State
industries instructions are shop tested and were created for your success it
takes only a few minutes to learn the tools and processes to create an
heirloom if you follow the instructions wood may look and feel dry but unless it
is below 12 percent moisture content it may crack during the sanding or turning
process to avoid this misshapen use a moisture meter to check your stock
before machining if your wood measures below 12% you're good to go if it is too
moist place the wood in a warm dry environment until it reaches the correct
moisture content another way to address wood with too much moisture is to drill
your blank then let it sit for several days giving the moisture an opportunity
to evaporate when it has properly dried re-drill the blank in case the blank
distorted if you have a fully equipped shop cutting your own pen blanks can be
very rewarding but if you don't have the tools shop space materials or time
select from the vast assortment of wood and synthetic pre-cut blanks on the
market bought from a reputable source the blanks will be cut to the correct
size and dried sufficiently this is also a good idea if you don't have access to
larger pieces of tropical exotic woods or colorful acrylics when you only need
to make a few pens time is of the essence and time is money to make the
best use of your time drill cut and glue numerous blanks at
once especially when using epoxy mix enough
adhesive for numerous blanks rather than doing one at a time then when you have
several blanks completed you can spend time at the lathe enjoying the creative
process of turning and finishing single tube pen kits can save you time and
money and the longer to blink emphasizes the beauty of the material review the
instructions to determine the necessary finish length of the turned pen barrels
for each kit certain kits allow you to crosscut two single two pens from one pen blank cutting the cost of your blank in half half the single tube pen is faster to
make since you're only using one blank and you can load to single two pen blanks
on one mandrel when turning and finishing review the prices of single
two pen kits as compared to double tubed kits single tube pen kits are generally
more cost effective and faster to assemble since they have fewer
components than their two tube counterparts consider turning several
single tube pen barrels before starting the assembly a good selection of turned
and finished blanks allows you to better complement them to different types of
pen finishes creating a more pleasing match between the blank and metal finish
whether you're a novice or a professional pen turner finding ways to
save time throughout the production process allows you to spend less time
per project and create more pens

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