5 Extremely Rich People Who Live as Poor

**5 Extremely Rich People Who Live as Poor**



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Please, tell me, have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire? A beautiful life, a couple of planes, a mansion in the Caribbean and a company producing your favorite kind of sweets… Well, why not? Real millionaires can afford all this! But yeah, not all the owners of huge fortunes like to waste money. Even if they have the opportunity to live a luxurious life, they are still modest and thrifty people. Or they just hide carefully their wealth and luxury items, so that no one could ever find them. And now we are gonna show you the most modest rich people.
hi guys please tell me have you ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire a beautiful life a couple of planes a mansion in the Caribbean and the company producing your favorite kind of sweets well why not real millionaires can afford all this but yet not all the owners of huge fortunes like to waste money even if they have the opportunity to live a luxurious life they are still modest and thrifty people or they just hide carefully their wealth and luxury items so that no one could ever find them and now we are gonna show you the most modest rich people Tim Cook Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple for six years now he managed to accumulate a solid capital during all this time according to various sources his fortune exceeds 500 million dollars just imagine that pile of money imagine how many things you can buy however Tim leads a modest lifestyle for a millionaire he likes cycling and wearing simple office clothes also his house in Palo Alto is only 2,400 square feet that is practically a hut compared to other properties in the Silicon Valley when asked about his lifestyle cook states that his modest lifestyle helps him remember how he started and where he comes from besides he says that money is not a motivation for Sergey Brin it's probably a bit strange to see in this list a person who actually possesses two personal aircraft and elite properties but Sergey Brin one of the founders of Google sticks to the principles of saving despite having a fortune of more than forty billion dollars for example he purchases a special annual discount in a store chain of inexpensive clothing where he renews his wardrobe yes you got it right the person who created Google every year purchases a discount card in an inexpensive clothing store moreover Sergey Brin hasn't changed this tradition in many years but if his love for cheap clothes seems to you an insufficient argument then here are some more facts Brin says that he always compares prices in stores and buys products where they are cheaper and he never leaves anything uneaten in a restaurant Mark Zuckerberg who doesn't know the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg maybe you've even seen the movie where Jesse Eisenberg portrays him but if you haven't seen it don't worry according to Mark himself the film wasn't very truthful today one of the richest technological magnates despite having an impressive capital of more than 71 billion still looks like a poor student and is clearly not going to change his lifestyle he wears simple sweatshirts and Adidas flip-flops and he has about two dozen absolutely identical t-shirts with the logo of a well-known social network in his wardrobe of all the food Marc prefers McDonald's even during the wedding trip he didn't change his tastes and was seen in one of these restaurants with his young wife by the way the wedding was also very modest they got married in the backyard of their house with only 100 guests and after the ceremony they all had sushi it doesn't seem like we are talking about the founder of the most popular social network in the world right Warren Buffett the 87 year old American entrepreneur and head of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is not only the world's the largest investor but also a very modest man he even complained to the US government that he pays not enough taxes despite his multimillion-dollar fortune Buffett still lives in his old two-story house in Omaha which he bought back in 1957 like Mark Zuckerberg Warren prefers to eat fast food he liked one fast food chain so much that he bought the whole chain according to the billionaire he tries to avoid luxury goods because any expensive purchases are an extra pain in the neck although this didn't prevent Buffett from buying several private jet planes but what can you do even the most modest rich men have weaknesses invar comprar IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad is sometimes called the most modest billionaire in the world and this is quite right in one interview he revealed that his car was more than 15 years old but if this can be explained by some touching affection for his Iron Horse the economy class flights clearly show his tremendous modesty in addition on business trips the billionaire stays only in three-star hotels uses mainly public transportation dines in small restaurants and even eats hamburgers according to Ingvar his whole house is fit out with expensive furniture from Ikea with the exception of an old chair and a clock he has been using this chair for more than 30 years and obviously he doesn't plan to part with it after all says Ingvar new is not always better

47 thoughts on “**5 Extremely Rich People Who Live as Poor**

  1. Will Iam

    This is your definition of living like a poor person?.. Sergey brin, mark zuckerburg? Dude, their lifestyle doesnt even count as modest.. multi billionaires living like billionaires should be the title.

  2. John Goguen

    None of these millionaires or billionaires will never know what its like to be poor like a romon noodles supper?

  3. Mike Kelly

    Your cover photo is Clickbait!
    You omitted key info on TWO of your 5 modest billionaires:
    1. Mark Zuckerbergs' house is far from modest. ALSO, he purchased all the adjoining properties to ensure privacy, hardly a possibility for even his best paid non-owner upper management in one of the most expensive U.S. real estate markets
    .. I guess it's all the money he saves in suits and shoes.
    2. Modest Warren Buffett loves to flaunt his modest home in Omaha as his principle domicile, (FYI, looks pretty nice to me). But in fact he spent most of his time in his multi-million dollar La Jolla, CA mansion, at least at the time you published this video.

  4. Eden Coco Webb

    Oh my well I guess I'm poor….. XD I really want to know theses people my family doesn't have much and having 42 BILLION dollars would really help Like if you loving!! <3

  5. Johnnywhamo

    It's easy to say money doesn't motivate when you have 100's of millions in you account. What a crock of shit

  6. PJ

    This is all a front. They do not actually live in these 'modest' homes. Marie Antoinette had a mud hut hamlet -Hameau de la Reine – on the palace grounds at Versailles, but after a days playing housie house, she retired to the palace, in the same way after playing a day of modesty, Cook and Buffet retire to their real mansions.

  7. Nicole marley Rae

    Rich people will be flying straight to hell!! First Class! More poor people will be flying straight to heaven!!

  8. Toni Marshall

    They need 2 DO SOMETHING about the Housing Problem around their respective businesses thn.!!!!.. U realize hw outrageous Rent is around Silicon Valley!!????… Ppl are living n they're cars while wrkin @ Google!!!…

  9. Gregory Glass

    These billionaires are not from a wealthy class the wealthy are upperclass and been wealthy since three generations old money families

  10. Sigrid Abrahamsen

    Given that Ikea the owner Kamprad was / is? An active Nazi is quite amazing how good it is for him. Europeans were slaughtered as animals by his ideology, but their relatives, friends and others act in the Nazi store as crazy, quite special. I do not buy anything at Ikea to show my point of view. But very many people do not care about such trivial matters unfortunately, but you know who they are when you see Ikea furniture in people's homes.

  11. pinkasia

    in the US…some people driving a luxury car but windows are down…why? gas price is high…luxury car dented or damaged…why? can’t afford the deductible or no insurance…lmfao…

  12. Heru- deshet

    That's how you get rich. Live modestly, don't try to impress people and they won't ask to borrow from you.

  13. Drayson Roberts

    But what about the other thousands of ultra rich people? All this video does is try to get you to emphasize with greedy capitalists who did every dirty trick in the capitalist book and protected by American Democratic freedom found in the Constitution. The constitution was written by plantation and slave owners with a mentality to use slaves to become rich and stay rich.


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