3 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move

**3 Ways to Save Money on Your Next Move**



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Moving is stressful. Whether hiring a moving company for a local move or a long distance one, make sure your move is cost-effective. Pick the best mover with these tips:

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let's face it most of us aren't honest about the contents of our house so it is imperative that you get an in-home estimate and get three estimates they need to be able to see exactly how much stuff you have in your three bedroom house so they can get you the best estimate possible also how does insurance work with your move you know the interesting thing is a lot of times the insurance is based on the weight of an item and not the cost so be sure you check that out before you have the move you know grandma's China or some big electronic that may not weigh an appropriate amount for the insurance all movers have to carry insurance but the insurance is only 60 cents per pound per item so if you're looking at like a painting or a plate it's a that's really not going to be too much you're only looking at sixty cents per pound per item the number one cost-saving thing is I would say is to be organized decide what you want to move some people they will go ahead and you know clear everything out and that's really the way to do it there's no reason to pay us to come in and move things you're not really sure don't want

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