3 Extreme Money Saving Tips.

**3 Extreme Money Saving Tips.**



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If I can help you save more, you can invest more. Today were focused on the budget crazy out there. Those that have taken all the typical steps to save money and are now willing to do even more. Here are three money savings tips that are a little out of the ordinary.

We are a wealth management firm that specializes in improving on the traditional buy and hold approach. To use a simple analogy, we do this by treating ones retirement investments as if they were real estate.

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Dustin Tibbets here financial advisor with jazz wealth managers and I see you guys out there trying to save money I see the tiny-house craze and all this living minimalist sort of lifestyle well today I thought I'd give you three extreme money-saving tips for you I warn you they're extreme first thing you can do is go to your toilet wait so you go to your toilet and take a bottle like this this is a standard water bottle fill it up with water from a lake or from your pool or something and put it in the tank of your toilet now if you take three of those and you put them in there that will save approximately one liter per flush and for a family of three that means about 1.6 gallons per day or about 50 gallons a month that you could save which is gonna help reduce your water bill not by a lot but again I said these were extreme the second thing you could do is use a strip socket for your TVs and everything you have plugged in around your entertainment system TVs cable box Xbox things like that that Walt is using power when it's not on the little light that's always on the clock that's on your cable box all using power there's actually some great videos on YouTube where people plugged in a little meter that tests how much energy it's using you got some savings there I mean it's not a lot but again these are extreme tips I'm targeting the people here that are essentially already doing all the basic money saving tips and want to take it to the next level and the third thing you can do I've actually done this this actually works you could share internet with your neighbor a while back we lived in a townhouse there was three stories and they were kind of next to each other and I went to my neighbor and I said hey how about you cancel your internet and we'll put this little Wi-Fi extender here and you can use my Wi-Fi here's the catch if they don't pay you unplug the Wi-Fi but you could split the bill you know internet and these this adds up man this is a big expense so it's a way to save you know 30 40 $50 a month depending on where you're at so these are just three tips I know they're extreme there's some things you can do I'm trying to keep these videos short if you looking for tips on your investments retirement investments short-term long-term investments 401ks things like that just check out some of the other videos on our channel if you need help with budgeting personal finance retirement I think you'll like what you find it jazz wealth just go to our website up at the top click schedule a call put the local time in that you'd like to talk happy to talk with you and I hope to speak [Applause]

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