25 money saving tips for your next cruise

**25 money saving tips for your next cruise**



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25 money saving tips for your next cruise: when it comes to cruises they can cost a lot of money. here are my top 25 money saving tips for taking a cruise that won;t really stop you from enjoying your trip.

I hope you enjoy these 25 money saving tips for your next cruise

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hi everyone its dawn from Dawn's family vacation and today I want to bring you 25 tips to help save money on your next cruise and it's gonna cover an awful lot of topics so get ready get ready to jot them down because we're gonna talk about them right after this number one the daily newsletter that's delivered to your cabin every day has tons and loads of specials in them so if you're looking for anything to do whatsoever check out the news flyer because sometimes you'll see 40% sales on things or two-for-one specials and the spa and things like that so don't forget to check out the newsletter for daily deals number two is the best day to book a specialty dining reservation is enough is on embarkation Day the day you get on the ship quite often they're the least crowded and the cruise ships know this and they offer a lot of different deals for instance on Carnival sometimes you can get a bottle of wine added to your meal for free on other cruise lines sometimes they'll offer two-for-one specialty dining to fill up those specialty restaurants so if you're good at book 1 that's the night to do it on number 3 if you're gonna have a spa book it on a port day because it's the time that they're looking the most for people because everyone's off the ship exploring the ports so that's the best time to get the best prices and the best deals as well it may be a force to have it for a lot of us when we're at the bar and the bartender hands us our drink for us to tip them $1 $2 $3 whatever we're tipping them but remember for every drink you order in the bar there's already a 15 to 18 percent gratuity added to your cost and it's right there on the bill so the first thing you should do on each ship because it does tend to bury check the receipt the first drink you buy and if it says you know 18% gratuity on there why are you leaving more money for the bartender because he just made almost you know over $3 $2 on pouring a drink and handing it to you you know it what took him what 60 seconds so that's a pretty good hourly salary in tips just from those Cotuit e's if you're at a port that is close to the ship richmond instance Ketchikan Alaska they offer a lawful lot of walking tours where you can go around for the shore excursions and you know they'll bring you around all the different buildings and it can range anywhere from 59 to $100 per person but the town is only small it's a very easy walk it's a various you know so why not make your own shore excursion and save that you know $50 hundred dollars a person and use it somewhere else on your cruise number six don't use the ship-to-shore phones or your cell phones when you're on the ocean they can range anywhere from 75 cents to $3.00 a minute while you're on the phone and if you do it two or three times during your cruise the next thing you know you got a hundred to two hundred dollar bill that you weren't expecting and god forbid that you should forget to turn your phone off of airplane mode if you made a call and you're gonna be very surprised because you gonna end up with a five and six hundred dollar cellphone bill number seven you decided not to get the soda package you decided to you know just buy them as you go we'll take keep that even sodas on the ship could have the gratuity of fifteen to eighteen percent charge added to it so check the receipt of a so do you buy it may be cheaper for you from then on to just go and buy the sort of package for the rest of the cruise because they already have the gratuities included in the soda package and it won't cost you extra so if you're adding you know 18 percent on every drink you buy it's not long before it adds up to what that soda package cut costs and quite often by two o'clock in the afternoon you're over what that soda package would have cost number eight every cruise line is different so find out individually what they allow you to bring as far as drinks onboard are you allowed to bring your own soda onboard within reason are you allowed to bring a couple bottles of wine on board find out what their restrictions are and if you do say you're a soda drinker bring your favorite pop with you if they allow you bring a case with you it has to be in your on you know your carry-on luggage it can't be packed away so keep that in mind as well but you know you can get you know two dollars and fifty cents for a 12-pack of Pop at a store and on the ship those twelve drinks could cost you you know close to 100 bucks so you're up to dinner and you decided to open order a bottle of wine and you and your companions whoever is there you ended up only drinking two glasses of that bottle of wine well don't just leave it on the table tell your waiter to cork the wine and save it for you later they will put it aside into their storage freezers and refrigerators and the next time you go dining you can request that bottle back so why pay for another bottle of wine when you still have half a bottle sitting somewhere that you could reuse if you're ready to cruise and you can cruise anytime you have the kind of position that you can just leave at the spur of the moment you're retired or anything like that yes you can get some fantastic deals leaving in the last three to four weeks of a cruising because they're trying to get rid of those last couple of cabins chances are though those cabins are gonna be very limited you're not gonna have a choice cabins on the ship you're gonna have some of the ones by the elevators and some of the lower deck cabins so keep that in mind as well but you'll definitely probably find some very cheap cabins that way remember eleven if you can't do that then book your cruise as early as possible quite often you only need to put down $100 deposit on the cruise and you don't have to make your next payment for if you book 18 months then you don't have to make your next payment for another year so it's good to reserve that because chances are you're going to get the best price the farther out your reserve but monitor it looking on the cruise line every once awhile and if you see the deal call them up and they'll make the changes for you and you can keep the same cab and only get it at a better price number 12 know what's free and know what costs extra so find out if that little coffee shop is actually an extra charge coffee shop find out if that sandwich shop cost you more find out if the FlowRider costs you more to use so you know what's free and what's not so you're not heading to events that's gonna cost you extra money that you didn't know about number 13 I kind of brought it up before but it bears repeating put your your cell phone on airplane mode so you don't end up with a ridiculously high cell phone bill from roaming charges and trust me they can be huge my cruising coming up in December is 14 days if I did not switch it to airplane mode my bill could be over $1700 so keep that in mind when you're thinking about your cell phone airplane mode automatically we can get ahead on your trip number fourteen I don't know what it is but there's something about a casino on a cruise ship that everyone wants to try to save money set yourself a limit and if you lose that money say you go in with $200 if you lose that $200 know your limit and say if that's enough and keep in mind that cruise ship casinos don't have any governing body over them they don't have a Nevada Gaming Commission like Las Vegas does they can set those winnings at whatever they want so it's a normal thing for winning on a slot machine as one in 20 they can set it at one in 40 so yeah you're also winning on a casino onboard a ship are way less than say in Las Vegas number 15 pack less I know this might seem like a trivial thing to some people but for every bag you're handing to the porter you're tipping them a little extra for that but not only that if you're flying in and you're family of or if you go with four suitcases each person gets one suitcase is fine the minute you each have two suitcases those extra suitcases cost extra money when you're applying and that's returned and here and it can range up to $50 a bag so you're just adding two to four hundred dollars worth of suitcases that you probably put a left most of that stuff behind number 16 don't fall for all those sales pitches on board because cruise lines most of them don't make a profit from your ticket sales they need to sell things on the ship like the upgraded dining the beverage packages and all this kind of stuffs your excursions that's where they make their profit fun so one from the minute you get on board you're gonna be bombarded with people trying to sell you stuff trying to sell you stuff in the shops trying to sell you stuff in the spas if you go to the spa oh this is a great treatment and blah blah blah why not try these products we can sell you it for ten percent less don't fall for it battle you know keep your money Oh unless you really really want those things you could easily spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on things that you weren't counting on spending on just from the sales pitches avoid the photographers on board there's always gonna be photographers out there who offer to take your picture and oh just go to the photo shop and take a look yeah where those photos can range anywhere from ten to twenty dollars per photo so if you had three alike it could cost you $60 and you're walking around with camera anyway ask somebody to take a picture of you it's free it's not a ton of money but every cent counts on a cruise number eighteen if you're looking to buy souvenirs don't buy them on the ship and don't buy them close to the port like on the dock area if they have a whole bunch of tents and everything set up try and go as far away from the port's area as you can you can quite often find your the same souvenirs for half the cost just by staying away from the little tourist area that's right around the ship number nineteen sometimes you'll get an onboard credits they have one hundred dollars for your stateroom well if you don't use that hundred dollar credit you lose it at the end of the ship they don't give you the money back so an easy way to use that is to say you're going to go to specialty dining and use your onboard credit port or just take if you haven't paid your gratuity yet just go to the customer service desk and say that hundred Auto dollar onboard credit put it towards my gratuities that way you know for sure it's all used up and you're not wasting any of that onboard credit number twenty you haven't taken and booked your beverage package yet and you're on board and you're thinking about getting the ultimate beverage package so you can drink as much as you want in the ship well you know what don't buy it on the first day because when you buy it on whatever day you buy it on you have to pay for the whole trip so if you buy it on day one you're paying eighty nine dollars which is the cover charge on one of the cruise ships that I just looked at per person so you got a hundred eighty dollars and you're on the ship at six o'clock so now you have to drink a hundred and eighty dollars worth of liquor between 6:00 p.m. and the time you go to bed so is it really worth it or chances are you're only going to have two or three drinks well that's much cheaper to pay for it by yourself and then buy the beverage package for the next day so you can easily save you know a hundred dollars just by doing that tip number twenty-one if you're at a port where the ship is right there you can go off and on very easily well if you're walking around the port why not head back to the ship for your lunch and eat in one of the dining rooms and then go back to the port again afterwards why pay for your meal of a family of four on the port for you know a hundred twenty hundred and fifty dollars when you could just go back to the ship in ten minutes and have the meal that's included with the cost so a great way especially if you have two or three of these port destinations you can easily end up saving four to five hundred dollars for a family of four tip number twenty-two some of the seminars that they hold off give away things for free you like that the art auctions sometimes they'll give away a piece of art for free quite often they'll have wine and hors d'oeuvres there so you don't have to buy those they're complimentary the same thing goes with spas sometimes they'll you know have a spa demonstration and they'll give away some of the products while though they're or they'll give away a free spa day to somebody so keep that in mind if you've got really nothing to do and you're just looking for something try taking in some of those seminars and getting a hold of some of those free goodies 23 I always like to tell people this if they can book your travel insurance through a third party not through the cruise line because the cruise lines prices are quite expensive and often you can get your travel insurance at half the cost you know quite easily but if you're a nervous person and you don't like doing things on your own you want to have a safety and security of everything all at once then yeah go ahead and book your insurance through the trout adopted travel agent through the Cruise Line because at the very least I want you to have travel insurance so you've been on a few cruises now and you get the complimentary minibar set up for the first night if it refills you have to pay for it but your first one whatever's in there is complimentary did you know that you could decide what you want in there so say you only like vodka well you can tell them to take the rum and everything else out of there and fill it only with vodka and it doesn't cost you anything extra the same goes for the soda the same goes for water whatever is in that mini-fridge you can ask them to switch out for your favourite beverage at no cost to you so you're on the ship and you're running out of cash you always like to carry some cash with you when you go on into some of the ports well if you go and take a hundred dollars out of the ATM that's on the machine on the cruise ship that could cost you twenty dollars in service charges for that you know hundred dollars a cheaper way to do it is to go to the casino buy a hundred dollars worth of chips go back you know turn around and sell those chips back quite often you'll get only a three dollar charge on that hundred dollars so you're saving $17 every time you do this if you do that two dollars you know there's $36 that you just saved it might be a little bit of a hassle look quite often you're going to the casino at some point anyway so why not just do it there buy a little extra chips when you're there so you know that you can sell them when you're leaving and get that money you're looking for for your next shore excursion so there you go 25 tips on how to save money on your next cruise and all of this can be done quite easily without seeming like your nikoline diming yourself on the cruise you can still enjoy everything on the cruise so it's really not that hard to save more money than you think just by avoiding some of the traps that are out there so I hope you like this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more tip videos and more cruise videos please hit that subscribe button until next time have yourself a great and a safe vacation

45 thoughts on “**25 money saving tips for your next cruise**

  1. James Townsend

    I drink mostly water and iced tea. On my cruises with RCI, my wife ordered the soda package and I didn't need to. For the most part, I turned off my smart phone and put it in the room safe. Amazing tips in this video, Don. Thank you.

  2. Dan Drew

    Don's 25 tips:

    1. Review the on ship News Flyer for daily specials and deals

    2. The best day to book your specialty dining is on the first evening as this is the slowest night

    3. Book the SPA on a Port Day, they run specials as those are the slowest days

    4. When paying your bill, always check your receipt first so you don't double or over tip

    5. When on port where the excursion is near the ship, tour by foot instead.

    6. Do not use the ship to shore phone if you know you'll be going on shore where roaming rates may be cheaper. Always check that International Roaming is off on your cell when boarding.

    7. It may be cheaper to buy a soda package verses buying them separately due to the tips

    8. Discover the restrictions on bringing alcohol or other beverages on board in your carry-on baggage

    9. Cork an unfinished bottle of wine and ask the waiter to save for a later meal.

    10. Purchasing last minute cruises may not yield cabins in the best parts of the ship
    11. Book your cabin for your cruise as early as possible, monitor for price decreases

    12. Discover what is free and what is not

    13. Put your cell phone on Airplane mode when on board

    14. Set a maximum limit on Gambling, there is no gambling regulation on the ship.

    The payout rates are less than a land casino. Day 1 or 2 on the slots are

    15. Pack as few bags as possible, understand what the airlines require first. Plus you pay tips for tips to handle them.

    16. Don't fall for the ship sale pitches and deals. Save your money for when you return home

    17. Avoid the on ship photographers on board and use your phone instead

    18. Do not buy souvenirs on board or anywhere near dock near the ship

    19. Use any credit the ship provides you for on board dining or gratuities and not wasting the credit

    20. Defer the beverage package purchases until Day 2 and beyond

    21. Eat on the ship if you are close enough if near the port to save money

    22. Seminars sometime give away products or something for free. They might be worth investigating

    23. Book your travel insurance through a 3rd party if possible verses the cruise line.

    Determine if any of your Credit Cards include travel insurance when booking

    your travel (air and cruise). Compare your CC coverage with what the cruise line offers.

    24. If you have complementary fridge services have them customize the contents for you

    25. Cash out of the ATM can cost you up to 20% in service charges, instead go to the casino buy chips then sell them back.

  3. Paul Voelker

    What companies do you recommend for travel insurance? I loved all the tips. There is one more that I do. I always take a gift bag with Tide Pods and Bounce Fabric softener sheets for the room stewart. I give it the first time I see my room stewart and always get better service. Plus I tip extra at the end of the cruise too.

  4. Loretta Balfoort

    Our cruise line made very little profit off me. I spent $6.99 in total to replace my lanyard which broke. There is so much already included in your fare, I take advantage of each one. My favourite is returning to the ship for lunch on a port day, then heading back out for the afternoon.

  5. ChloeToby Jacobus

    Hi, Don! I always love your videos, very helpful tips. Tho I don’t know if I’ll ever cruise again, not having to do with cruising, but my health. I don’t know if this was already said or not, but if I get short on cash, I’m really short on cash!i know usually on a cruise ship I’m pretty conscious about the amount I have. But for the first few times cruisers, or like me sometimes, think you have more than you do. You might not have as much as $100.00 to cash out at the casino. And even if you do, it would depend on how long until your next port of call. That’s assuming you can pay less there on ATM fee’s. See I’m not familiar with that at all. I’m just trying to help anyone, if I can.

  6. K G

    Hi Don,
    Your videos are wonderfully entertaining and full of much needed info. So, my husband and I are going on our first Princess cruise on Caribbean Princess. When we went on Carnival, the alcohol drink packages were only available if you got it for every adult. My husband is not a big drinker. I on the other will enjoy beer and some fun frozen drinks. Is it worth getting the alcohol package? Thanks in advance!

  7. Bud Lamy

    Excellent tips! Been using these tips since my third cruise! By the way if your new to cruising you should dine with others! Got loads of good tips from talking with those big time cruisers!

  8. Michael Voisey

    I would use the ATMs at the various ports of call during the Cruise , My Wife and I off to Norway with P&O on the Britannia and P&O have stopped tipping from the start of May so we will not need to worry about that . The other cruise lines could stop all the compulsory tipping stick say an extra £100 on the cruise per passenger and increase the pay of the staff, each ship is doing 20 or so cruises per year . You can tip the member of staff direct if you want to , but surely the Engine room and the deck staff and the Tender crews should all be tipped as well as the maintenance staff they all work just as hard . Tipping is a relic of the days when only the really rich went cruising and and tipping should by your decision

  9. Jennifer Metzger

    I always bring one dollar bills for tipping. The staff appreciate it more than adding it to the tab because I have been told they don't see any of that extra money.

  10. Eric Cable

    4:28 Nowadays Norwegian will no longer let you bring any drinks onboard other than wine for which you will pay a corkage. They used to allow outside soda and water, but not any more.

  11. Mark S

    So if I was to prepay gratuities when booking, would there still be gratuities added to alcoholic drinks when paying as I go?

  12. Bronwyn McGuckin

    I prefer to pay for everything upfront so there are no surprises. I want to enjoy my vacation and not worried that I'm over spending.

  13. Mickey Sullivan

    Sometimes I wonder what kind of person dons family vacation will be when society breaks down

  14. Rebecca Rowey

    I recently got off the Horizon and I was only charged $10 per day for the international plan by AT&T. It was an additional expense, but at least my cell phone company didn't take advantage of me. Any time I took my phone off Airplane Mode, I got a message that I would be charged $10 for 24 hours of telephone, data, etc. Not bad. Remember if you are in the US Virgin Islands or San Juan, you can use your phone without extra fees!

  15. Jeana Hammack

    Where/when is it best to exchange currency? I imagine fees are large some places as opposed to others.

  16. Kayte Larsen

    Why r u forced to tip though? Why would I be forced to pay gratuity? Can I get all gratuity taken off but going to the information desk claiming that I'll just pay it in cash? I'm not forced to tip when I go out to a restaurant or a bar on land. I'm just asking

  17. Jeff Titterington

    Decide what you're going to spend your money on, and have fun! Maybe that means you buy lunch on shore one day, or you buy a photo. Know that you're spending money, but know that you're doing it on purpose.

  18. doug m

    i've been on 4 cruises, love every minute of it, until the last night when your suppose to fill envelopes with tips for , waiter, waiters helper, head waiter, bus boy. cabin Stewart. ect ect. they
    want so much per day per person. this can add up very fast . first cruise i was so shocked.
    now i know better. be ready with the cash. i tip more to the people who helped me directly.
    and nothing or very little for someone who didn't. last cruise i met the head waiter on the first night and never saw him again , until it was time for the envelope.

  19. Ristube

    Excuse me? How dare you diminish bartending skill? You’re a travel agent right? Why should I pay for you when I can use orbitz? Using your logic, I only need to press a couple of keys on a keyboard?

    I’m sure there’s skill needed for your job, don’t assume skills needed for someone else’s career are commonplace.


  20. Nwamaka Okobi

    I don't drink soda, I don't drink alcohol and I brought my own reusable bottle. Shore excursions I got were cheaper off the boat than from Carnival. I liked my interior cabin. Carnival was very clear on what was extra. I didn't spend a penny over what I wanted to.

  21. Adam Bourque

    Ok so I started this comment with one gripe, but as listened to the rest of the video I had some more thoughts, so forgive my essay! That being said most of the tips are great, YAY FRUGALITY!!!

    I'm all for saving money, BUT TIP YOUR BARTENDER!!! Yes, they may be making an automatic gratuity, and I know the drinks are expensive, but what Don doesn't realize is most of these bartenders come from impoverished countries, are working to support their families, and make close to no salary, THEIR INCOME IS YOUR TIPS. Especially if you buy a drink package and are getting drink after drink. There is no automatic per drink gratuity, it is built into the purchase price and split across ALL BARTENDERS not the one who made/brought your drink with a smile.

    ALSO anyone who has worked in the service industry knows how entitled and just plain nasty some people can be, this is only magnified when they're on vacation with the notion that "all expenses are already paid", and more so when they're drunk. I've been on dozens of cruises both as a guest and an employee and can say irrevocably, everyone from your cabin steward, to your server, to your bartender do not get paid enough to deal with a solid 80% of what they have to. The ONLY thing that makes it financially worthwhile are your GRATUITIES.

    TAKE PHOTOS WITH PHOTOGRAPHERS! If you're not in a rush and can spare the 10 seconds it takes to pose and smile, do it. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY THEM, but the photographers often have quotas they have to make to keep their job. It cost you noting but seconds out of your day to keep someone employed, why wouldn't you?

    Last thing I swear, TIP IN YOUR LIFE IN GENERAL. Unless you're in a country where "non skilled workers" can make living wage, if you have an issue with tipping I'd suggest getting a job in the service industry. It'll give you some perspective into the lives people that make your life more enjoyable. It's often a thankless job and you make little to no salary because employers make the assumption you'll receive gratuities. IF YOU DON'T TIP THEY DON'T EAT, end of story.

  22. Elizabeth Bidgood

    Good tips there done I'll be sharing this one. But as far as the Tipping, I do bring cash to tip the staff, when you prepay tips, the employees don't really see it. And you must also go down to customer service and tell them that you've tipped your people and cash. Lessons Learned from other Cruisers and staff. Go to Grand Turk's 20 days.

  23. jOSE Cant SEE

    I also never knew about the room mini bar. We are on Carnival Sunshine in November. Not sure if they offer that or not. Great tips.

  24. Latasha Sherod

    Great tips!! Also regarding gratuities, you can go to the customer service desk to cancel gratuities! I've been told those tips go to the company and are split from there.

  25. Deutschland1940

    Correction: the price for the Johnny Walker :BLUE"label is 144.95 locally, not the black label as mentioned in my previous message. The black label here locally is only 21.95 and the red label is only 14.95 locally. I do not know the prices for those two at the Princess gift shop!!!
    Don, one question for you: does the bartender get the 15-18% added to your drink order?

  26. Deutschland1940

    Also another tip: don't buy liquor on the ship.one example: Princess Cruises: Jack Daniels 750 ml on the ship $ 29.99, here at a local liquor store: $ 14.95. The same goes for Johnny Walker, the best black label $ 219.99 at Princess and only $ 144.95 plus tax = 158.00 at a local liquor store. And here Princess advertises 30 to 50 % off compared to shore prices. Unbelievable. I only fell once for this, never again. Know your local liquor store prices before you step into a cruise giftt shop. Also as far as your mini bar exchanges are concerned, on Princess you can also exchange everything in the complimentary minibar for 2 coffee cards, each good for 15 specialty coffees. But WAIT, Princess now had that GENIUS Idea to no longer issue paper coffee cards, but now loads them up on your cruise card and if not all 30 specialty coffees are consumed by the end of the cruise, they are void, gone !!! No more carry over of coffee cards as it was in the past !!!

  27. Adriana Sparkle

    I was advised differently! You are suppose to pack liquids in your suitcase and do not carry it on because they will confiscate it while carrying it on! I could be incorrect about this regarding alcohol but I know that I had to pack bottled ice tea in my luggage and to not carry it on!


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