16 Expensive Things You Need to Buy to Save Money

**16 Expensive Things You Need to Buy to Save Money**



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Every time we buy goods and services we have to decide what price we are ready to pay for them. When the price depends on the quality, it is easy to make the choice. But if you have to choose between a budget version you are used to and some costly novelty, that’s when you have a dilemma trying to decide whether you should overpay or not.

Everything you buy has a price and a value. Sometimes spending more money than you think you should at first, can save you some serious cash in the long run. Here’s a list of items that are evidence of how that rule works in real life. These things will improve the level of your life and pay off their cost quickly.

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Thermostatic shower faucet 0:19
Water-saving showerhead 1:03
Freezer 1:22
Foodsaver 2:07
Induction stove 2:32
Seasonal tire change 3:23
Gym equipment 3:59
A high-quality mattress 4:23
Coffee maker 4:47
Filtered water bottle 5:44
LED light bulbs 6:16
A blade sharpener 7:01
A high-quality phone case 7:16
“Smart” power strips 7:45
A motion sensor light switch 8:16
Energy-saving glass 8:48

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– A thermostatic shower faucet can actually save you hundreds of bucks a year because you won’t have to spend time regulating the temperature of the water.
– A water-efficient showerhead reduces the amount of water that goes through your hot water heater by 7 gallons with every 7-minute shower, and that’s around 2,500 gallons a year.
– he freezer costs no more than a fridge, and requires the same amount of electricity if used properly. It’ll pay for itself within 3 years.
– A foodsaver, which many would consider an extra, works by sucking the air out of a plastic bag or container, keeping the food fresher for longer.
– Food is cooked faster on induction stoves, so the consumption of energy decreases.
– Even considering the cost of tire fitting services, seasonal tires will cost you less than universal ones because all-season tires have a lower wear resistance.
– If you visit the gym regularly, and your membership costs a lot, you might consider taking the gym home.
– Good restorative sleep makes you more productive, and a mattress that doesn’t kill your back will save you a lot of money in doctor visits later.
– A filtered bottle will cost you about $40, and there are also cartridge refill costs, but it should all be paid off in half a year.
– The price of an LED bulb is about 8 times higher than a normal incandescent bulb. But at the same time, an LED bulb consumes 10 times less electricity.
– Once you get a blade sharpener, you won’t need to toss away your razors when they get slightly dull. In fact, you’ll be able to use one blade for up to six months!
– If you’re using a device that has a lot of accessories, for example, a desktop computer that has a monitor, speakers, printer, and so on connected to it, “smart” power strips will help you save on the electricity bill.
– An energy-saving coating helps reducing heat transfer through the glass by 75-90% depending on the type of coating.

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36 thoughts on “**16 Expensive Things You Need to Buy to Save Money**

  1. Lee Thomas

    electric stove is not better than gas, no way, gas will heat a pan in 10 seconds, and gas is cheap, electric takes about 5 mins and then the time it takes to cook the food, and they use up to 5000+ watts!! its an enormous amount of electricity consumption, there is NOTHING efficient about electric cookers, by the time you've bought your food and cooked it its cost you almost the same as eating at a restaurant.

  2. Kristian Aaberg

    Number 3 was odd, a freezer is an essential kitchen appliance, how it in the world is it viewed as optional!

  3. Trayan T

    foodsaver is garbage…., another Iductionstove is bad idea you have to take care for it , like no scraches or anything, and just money will be gone. i really agre with A high quality mattress. Energy saving glass well it depends of the house, but yea they are good

  4. Analog TV

    Tap water is harmless in most Commonwealth and European countries as well as in US so drink it. I have such a good case I drop my phone purposely and nothing happens.

  5. James P

    I just wanted to point out that you used an image of a CFL bulb when comparing an LED to an incandescent. Compact fluorescent bulbs are right behind LEDs in terms of power consumption and longevity but on the plus side they are not bad for your health as LED lights are. Those things damage your eyes and should not be as widely used as they are today. In fact, they should be banned internationally. Horrible things. Interesting fact, since we're on this topic, as old and inefficient as incandescent bulbs are, they are actually good for you since they emit a healthy radiation.


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