15 MONEY SAVING TIPS: How I Saved $50,000+ This Year (Minimalism + Frugal Living)

**15 MONEY SAVING TIPS: How I Saved $50,000+ This Year (Minimalism + Frugal Living)**



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Today’s video is a long one but a good one… Today I go over 15 money saving tips that have helped me save over $50,000 this year. I touch on a bunch of different topics, minimalism, frugal living, how to buy a home, etc. Hope you guys enjoy the video and thanks for watching!

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23 thoughts on “**15 MONEY SAVING TIPS: How I Saved $50,000+ This Year (Minimalism + Frugal Living)**

  1. Elizabeth Breeden

    Good list.
    Why are the commercials so long?
    I will watch the short commercials.
    10 minutes for one I skipped.

  2. Donnalee Clubb

    The mistake most people make when buying or renting a house is they buy or rent with other people in mind like having family members or grown children and grandchildren come stay with them. Put those people on a sofa bed or a futon or something. Why have extra rooms for when people might come. One extra room, maybe, but a house with multiple extra rooms, a large yard or thinking what the grandkids or even kids would enjoy is not a good thing. Take the kids to a pool or beach, don't pay for a house with a pool (and upkeep). Also, have your children share a bedroom, a sister with sister or brother with brother. When did it become something out of the norm for kids to share a room???? It makes them closer and your house smaller. Smaller is great.

  3. Dividends_with_Alisher

    Great tips! I used some of them to save up to invest in stocks and hopefully continue for another 5-10 years

  4. Nathalie Castillo

    I like what you said about the credit cards.. that’s the best advice anyone could give you. If you aren’t disciplined enough to pay the credit cards off every month then you minus well cut up the credit cards because you won’t be able to manage it.

  5. Nikki G

    The grand canyon is amazing. Phoenix is fun. Try to catch a cardinals game while there. I did and even though I'm a Dallas fan, it was a fun experience.

  6. Marybeth Eby

    I giggle a little bit when i see all of the coworkers pile in to their cars to spend a ton of money on lunch every day..🙄😝

  7. Patti Raithel

    There are many of us that actually have a hard time spending money. I will actually leave a store with nothing and tell myself, " I won".

  8. Growth Mindset

    My strategies for an Early Retirement

    1. Replace active income with passive income sources (Real Estate Rentals For Cash Flow)
    2. Reduce personal operating cost (Housing costs are typically the largest)
    3. Automate income streams (Property management, online businesses)
    4. Leave the 9 to 5 =) (Success)

  9. Gino L

    I use a credit card for cash back right now because it's easy. As far as the rewards for travel… It all seems so complicated with points & transfers, etc. I don't know where to start with it. (New subscriber, looking forward to the travel rewards video coming out soon)

  10. K H-C

    I just booked a week long trip to the same places for my family for next April, to celebrate 15 years. No one in the family knows about it but me! We have never been to AZ or anywhere out there, coming from New England. Hope you guys love it and have a great trip!

  11. Joost Kamphuis

    Tip 16: Put your bread in the freezer. Take the slices out you need to take to your work. I always eat peanutbutter on my bread or small tomatoes for veggies. Not as expensive as meat(expect perhaps for the small tomatoes). The bread is defrosted and fresh when you need.

  12. Bella Noche

    I agree about the mortgage!! We bought a place that was 40% of what we qualified for. It is nice to be able to max out 401ks and ROTH IRAs, put extra $ on the mortgage each month and save to an emergency fund. The house is our only debt. I watch my peers that had to buy "the best" house while they start a go fund me to pay for the pet's surgery (true story). rolling eyes I'm trying to work on questioning purchases more.

  13. Priscilla Horne

    Wow when u said 1k to 2k a month just off YouTube my jaw dropped😳 crazy side hustle! I honestly felt like u was speaking to me personally this whole video. Especially when it came to clothes and shoes. LESSON LEARNED


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