13 HABITS FOR A MINIMAL LIFE | minimalism & intentional living

**13 HABITS FOR A MINIMAL LIFE | minimalism & intentional living**



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Today, I’m sharing 13 habits that can help you lead a more minimal and intentional life. These habits have not only helped me live more simply but also more purposefully. Sometimes it’s the small ways that we embrace minimalism that have the greatest impact!

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26 thoughts on “**13 HABITS FOR A MINIMAL LIFE | minimalism & intentional living**

  1. Heather Lyons-Trautwein

    With number 1- I’m sitting here watching this video and crocheting at the same time. I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything if I don’t multitask.

  2. The Honeys

    These are really really great tips. Been SUPER loving your videos lately keep it up girl. Your whole aesthetic and vibe is really giving off inspirational and motivating energy 🙂

  3. Alex Mathew Mendoza

    11 resonated with me. I had an epiphany recently regarding my spending habits. I've always wanted to have less stuff but I realized that a big part of having less stuff is to stop buying so much stuff lol. It sounds so simple and it is, but I had to realize it for myself 😂

  4. Karisa Totah

    Thanks for all of these! Another habit is to stop taking so much stuff with you when you leave the house. Whether it’s just taking the basics on vacation, only taking what you know you will use to a family member or friend’s house, or sticking to only the bare essentials (wallet, water bottle…) when you run errands. I’ve always loved taking stuff with me ever since I was old enough to walk. But I’ve also always felt weighed down by it, even ashamed of being the over packer or the “bag lady.” It’s still something I struggle with but it’s reducing my physical and mental stress tremendously when I commit to being okay with less stuff when I’m out.

  5. Sandra ozio

    Hi dear! Is it possible to activate subtitles in English for this video? I plan to share this excellent content with my English students here in Brazil as a homework. Tks a million!

  6. Sandra from Scotland

    Agree that our space reflects the state of our mind & a simple, minimal space creates more peace in our mind. Sharing over owning, very interesting. TFS.

  7. Mariela Merino

    Learning to say no was the best thing I could do for myself. My mental health was much better and I was less stressed from not committing to events I didn’t want to go to anymore. Great tips!

  8. cynthia green at heart

    Good points yesterday I was cleaning the house and I felt good there was just clothes on the floor and the closet I just moved things around

  9. Adeline Eilers

    I was just checking to see if you maybe uploaded another video an hour ago 😂😀 thanks for the great advice!


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