11 Extreme Minimalist Habits for 2019

**11 Extreme Minimalist Habits for 2019**



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11 EXTREME MINIMALIST HABITS FOR 2019 | Today I will be sharing my habits including cleaning habits, productivity habits, and other Minimalist habits. Learn how I stay consistent in life. Sponsored by Squarespace

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Hello friends, this is Youheum. Today I'll be sharing my extreme minimalist habits. I'm able to create this video through the sponsorship of Squarespace. If you want to focus on being productive with your website, e-commerce, or blog, Squarespace is the all-in-one platform to build your online creative project. I try my best to remove distracting labels on bottles and clothing tags. I also prefer clothing without branded marks. This is simply my own preference because I sometimes feel that these things can be too stimulating as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) I accept that everyone's approach to minimalism is very different. So feel free to do what nourishes your mind, body, and spirit. If keeping labels help you, I'm happy that you stick with what works for you. I used to let things pile up until the end of the month and now I focus on putting things back where it belongs right after I use it this way. I can increase my focus with fewer distractions in my environment because I get easily overwhelmed by clutter and distractions. I am happy to embrace the therapeutic value of minimalism. I enjoy the kind of peace and calm simple brings me. It's very different from where I was in the past and it is good to arrive in this present moment. I commit to household duties whenever I can. I find it easier to clean regularly as much as possible instead of doing massive cleaning for hours at the end of the month or at the end of the year. So I get in the habit of tackling things bit by bit. This approach allows me to take things slow without rushing or procrastinating which I used to do. I rarely shop but when I do, I stay mindful and intentional. I take into consideration my budget, the quality of the product, ease-of-use, and sustainability. But I'm aware that I can not always be perfect with my eco-friendly practices. It's important for me to get something that's going to last a long time so that I don't have to create additional waste. I also try to DIY and make things at home to keep my consumption minimal as much as possible. Also, feel free to let me know what you love making at home. And do you have any minimalist habits of your own? Feel free to share in the comments below. When I feel stuck in my journey I always reflect back on my feelings and emotions. So I meditate, pray, practice EFT, and The Healing Code for self-awareness. I value minimalism because it allows me to also go through emotional decluttering. I use it to let go of destructive and negative thoughts that come up. The easiest way to say NO to temptation like shopping in consumption is to be aware of my own feelings. I focus on healing the guilt, shame, and the resistance I have about saying NO to others. When I use time efficiently I can overcome the feeling of not having enough time and resources. And by keeping track of my time, I can be aware of what I want to do and what I am capable of doing within that day. So I manage my time in order to do things with ease and to avoid rushing through the process. I believe the pathway to success is in my willingness to surrender and learn from others with humbleness. I used to try to do everything on my own because I didn't want to admit my imperfections. Now I find value in taking courses, reading books, seeking help from the community, and listening to what others have to say. I know that it's difficult to commit to life changes all in one go so I focus on taking small steps, planning my goals mindfully, and managing my time with ease. I try to focus on doing my best in the present moment without forcing too much responsibility on myself. That's why it's important for me to manage my time wisely and to ask for help when needed. I value ease and comfort. I focus on productivity but not in a way that makes me feel burnt-out or exhausted. I can avoid exhaustion when I manage my time, energy, and money wisely through the right resources. Also, if you are a creative soul like me I know that it can feel tiring to do everything and that's why I use tools like Squarespace for ease. Squarespace allows me to schedule posts and design my pages with easy to use tools. I truly value this because I don't have to sacrifice my energy to keep up with my creative project. I recommend going to www.squarespace.com for a free trial and also feel free to take advantage of my 10% off offer for your first website or domain launch when you visit www.squarespace.com/healyourliving I enjoy keeping up with my habits because it's all about continual improvement through the process and unfolding of the practice. I hope you find this useful in some way. If you enjoyed this video, please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks again for being here my friends and I hope to see you again soon.

26 thoughts on “**11 Extreme Minimalist Habits for 2019**

  1. Khushi Aadhira

    Without knowing .. even I always remove lables n cuts the brand tags .. dono y.. but now I know y.. thanks.. even I ll wear watch all the time in home also.. I always tired ma best to stay away from plastics

  2. AlexSuperTramp

    I am upset with this line, "I easily overwhelmed by clutter and distraction". So wait, you've been practicing minimalism for a decade and get easily overwhelmed by things people deal with daily? Sounds ..bad

  3. Yodit C

    Thank you what a breath of fresh air!! I have always lived the minimalist life for the past 30 years and have been misunderstood. Thank you so much for explaining why. 🌺🙏🏾

  4. Pine Trees

    What’s an HSP? Btw I found your channel a couple of days ago, and the first video I saw, I thought it was a spoof of this lifestyle then I watched another and saw you’re legit and just felt so calm from your content/voice/lifestyle then I subscribed and now come to watch them to feel peaceful, love 🌿😊

  5. Olga Derdowska

    I used to be a very messy person, I cleaned often but couldn't keep on top of clutter and was always looking for things which was very stressful. For the past 7 to 10 years I've been working very hard on organising my living space and always looked for ideas to maximise storage etc. But only recently I came to realisation that there is no need for a lot of storage if you don't own so many things. So I started gradually getting rid of stuff that I didn't need and most importantly I stopped buying new things. Not only I can see the difference in my bank account but I'm feeling so much happier in my home now. Thank you for your videos, I find them very inspiring.

  6. Beth 1975

    I have shelves in my kitchen instead of cupboards. This increases the space and only one row of containers can fit, oppose to digging through the cupboard as everything is stacked in front. With the containers in a row, it’s much more aesthetic to the eye.


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