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Groupon IS NOT free!

It COSTS you and your business money.

Want to see how you can go from LOSING $812.50 to GAINING $5,000 in sales and 757 customers’ data?

Watch and learn here
you're not writing a check to them upfront you're just giving them all of your damn profit upfront and they're not giving you anything in return except for some random people that walk in your business so next time you tell a marketer that you don't spend money on mass media or you don't spend money on marketing and that you do if they would Groupon but it doesn't cost me anything do yourself a favor operate your business correctly take a piece of paper I'll take some pen and figure out what it is cost you because I can tell you that particular business on a low end is probably spending almost $1,000 a month with Groupon if they spent the same thousand dollars with agencies like myself or other agencies that are in the ROI engine and they spent that 800 1000 bucks on the program and Facebook ads they would have upwards of 500 customers information their data their Mester subscription their email they'd have a trackable system they saw that a 150 or so in this case came in the restaurant spend about 5 grand and now you can reach back out to those customers so don't ever let somebody tell you marketers that a restaurant is getting free marketing from Groupon LivingSocial or other Brahe other things like that it ain't free nothing's free and business areas you should know better than that that's all I got going back to the beach I'll see you later

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